Beware, The HUNTED...

Dear Friends,
The Day is bright.

They break out the gear.

Camo all around.
{sniff} hello, baby girl...

Masks of paint.

Weaponry of every size.

They are rough.

They are tough.

They are...


Hold it right there! He is NOT rough and tough!
He's my Ickle-Pickle-Pipster.

Nobody's gonna convince me he's a BIG BOY!
Nuh-uh! Not for a good long time.
How I despise the 'toddler' tag... he's my BABY!

I'm just not going to watch while he pretends to be part of their troupe, off to some gallantry or other.

My baby, saving the World. [sniff]

Nobody better get in his way!
or this mama is coming out there...
and it WON'T be pretty!
Camo or not, you aren't gettin' away with that!

**Photography note here:
You CAN shoot a photo through a gun scope...
Think of the possibilities there, hunters (or wives of hunters)!

Really, photos are the most hazardous thing anybodies shooting out there...

Think of how she'd hate me if I added these to her graduation slide-show!

I better be careful...
Or they'll come in here locked and loaded for...


Beware of the Mama in NE

P.S. None of the weapons in this post were real (Air-soft with no ammo). No children were hurt in the making of this post. I may be crazy but I try not to be stupid. {insane cackle}


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  2. What?! Im the first to comment? What an honor! Id like to thank my loving family, all my wonderful fans and ofcour...... oops wrong well rehearsed highly anticipated speech.
    So without further ado, I must say I love the pix of Pip and everyone. The scope pix are brilliant but the one of you truly takes the bagel hahahahahahahah!.... *ahem* (attention: this has been your daily reminder that Dee's humor is seriously past dried and cracked and she is morphing into her father by the minute)
    Better go before I cause any irreversible damage - *khhhhhh* 10 4 niner Dee over and out

    Ps. all I want for my birthday is a post (preferably with old pix that will make me laugh) OH! and can I get fries with that?
    I love u and if my phone isnt on by Friday I will be intouch thanx to the world wide web :)

    pps.the first time I tried to comment it didnt really work out (long story) thank goodness for copy/paste tho

  3. The first thought that came to mind when I read/saw this post was ♪♫♪♫ "Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be....."♪♫♪♫♫♪
    Awesome photos!

  4. Awesome pictures in this post. I laughed all the way through.


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