Coop 'N Yard: Introducing The Coop REdux Project

Dear Friends,

The itch has overcome my insufficiencies-- lack of time, lack of inspiration, lack of funding, lack of ambition, lack of gumption-- What ever was missing before.

This itch comes to me often in the Autumn-- the itch to fix my space. It’s a lot like urge to do Spring cleaning but-- ummm --- not in the Spring.

I love my house, don’t get me wrong. It just has some issues. Or maybe it’s me that has the issues.

That’s not something I lack, issues. As I told some of my friends the other day, lately even my issues have issues.

But back to my house.

This is supposed to be a haven; a place that makes me happy. And lately there are some things about our living space that are making me, well... not happy.

So using the tools I’ve got, limited resources and driven by this incredible itch, I’m going to try to fix the issues that are bothering me; robbing my joy.

And since I know that you love reading about every little intricacy and detail of my oh-so-mahveloooous life...

Oops, there goes the sarcasm.

You are invited along for the ride.

My plan with the Coop REdux project is to:

[A] Establish REasonable and REalistic habits for keeping the messy spaces cleaner.
[B] REorganize certain problem areas that attract clutter like a pregnant woman attracts parenting advice.
[C] REarrange or Redecorate areas that don’t make me happy.
[D] REsolve or REsist character flaws (darn issues!) that prevent me from being successful as CHIEF HOMEMAKER of this coop.

The main objective is to do all that while:

[A] REmaining partly sane.
[B] REpurposing or REdesigning things I already have.
[C] Finding any items for purchase REally, REally cheap.
[D] Letting you REad all about it.

Heaven help me.

A Real Housewife in Nebraska


  1. I think you meant to sign off as "A REal Housewife in Nebraska." :)

  2. YAY!!! I LOVE REdux projects! And I'm all for simplifying and LOVING your space and life. My motto is if it doesn't make me happy or make my life easier, it doesn't belong in my house!

    And you KNOW I'm always good for a strong opinion when you need one! :)

  3. And it's probably the approach of winter - being COOPed up and all - that gives you the itch!

  4. When you get how to be the Chief Domestic Officer figured out please send all info my way. I so need it. Especially after today.

  5. Maybe it's that "fall cleaning bug" that hit & gave you the itch or something. I'm into it BIG time around here--my days just aren't long enough & my kids are thinking I'm crazy.
    Ideas galore--I'm on a roll if I can keep the energy level up!
    Happy organizing, etc!

    p.s. If all else fails, you can always fall back on flylady.net!! :D

  6. haha. Wanda took my comment.

    It's a constant state in homemaking... to keep things livable, purposeful, and yet orderly and beautiful at the same time and not waste a ton of resources in the process. An elusive quest, almost, but one we all strive for. My family is getting used to me moving things around once in a while to restore balance again.

  7. Well, since I had to look up REdux to see what it even means,...and it means some very strange things,
    that's what Mondays are for, start over again.

    Now I had better go clean up my kitchen before it gets to be afternoon.


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