Those People

Dear Friends,

Some of us are not morning people.
We can't help it.
Maybe it's in our DNA.

We need our beauty sleep.
We need to cuddle in the warm blankets and muster up the strength to slip even one foot out of our comfy cocoon.
We need our cuppa'.
We need our breakfast.

At that point maybe, just maybe, we are ready to think about meeting the day.


Oh yes, then...


Prepare yourself...

There are the other people.

They can't help themselves either, I suppose.
But seriously?

A smile?!
Not aided by caffeine?

A laugh!?

Come on!

It would probably wipe that look off your face to know our kind of people don't really like your kind of people very much...

At least before we have our morning coffee.

Dozy in NE


  1. Oh, the pictures of your daughter are so sweet. She has a beautiful smile.

    Right now all my children seem to be like the first picture. Except the three year old. And he wakes up ready to go early every morning. Especially Saturdays, isn't that nice?

  2. Dear sleepyhead,
    As one of THOSE people, I've always been very thankful I'm a lark instead of a night owl. It does cause some problems if you're not married to the same kind of bird, but the getting out of bed earlier and going to bed earlier, just naturally comes with age, (around here anyway). It was always too bad I can hardly stay awake past 9pm, but caffeine works on the other end, too! Oh, and late night teens help even better!
    Love, your friend AFTER caffeine.

  3. Awww...even in a morning, caffeine-deprived fog, surely you have to love that little sister and her cheerful smile just a little!

  4. It took a lot of years before I could feel very decent about a morning until it was a good portion spent. I have to say like Shelley, it's come more with age, but I still prefer to meet my morning after I've been well fortified with my dose of hot aromatic caffine in my favorite longaberger mug.
    Even then, don't we all wish we could look as upbeat as Katie in the a.m.?!

  5. I'm in the non morning person category..but I so admire folks that love the morning and bound out of bed with a smile on their face. I am left wondering.." I wonder how they DO it!"


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