Miss Flyss

Dear Ones,

Did you ever have a moment where you opened your eyes and it seemed that you were looking at your life from far, far away? And you wondered for a second how it was that you got here? What choices lead you to this place? And suddenly it all just seemed so amazing and so huge that you wanted to tell someone about it?

I did.
That's why I'm writing this.

I am a mother of a six year old.

It hit me.

On the morning of her birthday, I realized I could clearly remember being six.

She's different than I was.
More Artistic.

She reminds me how sweet my life is.

She smacks her lips with every bite.

She makes me thankful that my steps took me here.

To her.

She touches me with, sometimes sticky, fluffy, girly, pinkness.

She's taught me about seeking sweetness in everyday life.
Savoring every last bit of our time.
 Before it's all gone.

A Cotton-headed Ninny-Muggins in NE


  1. Aww!! Nothing like a little girl in your life.
    Of course, there's nothing like a little boy too... but still.

  2. dear CottonCandy the 1st,

    Now you have a little CottonCandy2.
    You at 6; ah, i do remember that well also! It REALLY hits me like BAMMMMMM.....when i think about having a 6 year old GRANDdaughter!

    The Knocked out NanaNinnyMuggins

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to Miss Flyss!
    It is very hard to believe that 6 years have crept up (or flown by) so quickly.
    6 is such a milestone.
    Love, From Aunt Grammie 'Cine

  4. awww...yeah, how on earth did we get to be Moms?? I mean, aren't we still supposed to be at home living with our Momma's?? ;) Going to school and having little crushes on the boy sitting next to us. ;) Our brothers making us so mad we can't see straight. Our Daddy's kissing our foreheads and being the only prince we'll ever need in our lives. How does life happen? One day at a time I guess. Today my daughter touched me (and the sheets, wall, crib, changing table etc.) with dry brown stuff straight out of her diaper. Yeah, think I'd take your cotton candy any day over that! Cheers to Mommyhood!

  5. love the post, and LOVE what you did to the 2nd photo there, verryyy good idea :)
    love , me.


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