A Morning Ride

Dear Readers,

Very Important words.

I took a minute to sit on my front porch, reading a good book; the best book, really. It lightened my prospect for the day far better than any triple-shot mocha java chiller could have.

I need to do that more often.

My shoes are on and laces tied.
Today's gonna be a good, good day.

You see that expression? That's the one she uses when she pleased with herself.
Today she has good reason.

No training wheels!

Oh, where did the time go?

It's somewhere..

 In between the blue and white dishes that match my mothers? The shelves of albums holding priceless pictures? Reflected in the puddles tracked in by my little boy. Or maybe it's wrapped in the soft pink blanket I rocked this girl in once upon a time? Amongst the folds of the sleeper she wore home from the hospital? Caught in the ribbon tied around a lock of her toddler hair?

I hear the time whispering to me from the dusty corners but no matter how I look I cannot find it.
Every time I get close, it's already long, long gone. 

Always going. Always turning.
Spinning, spinning away.

And who is this?
Can it be that another one of my babies is sprouting wings?

Is it possible that his once tiny, wrinkled infant-feet have grown into these chubby, dirty boy-toes? I used to inhale the sweetness of those toes, marveling in the perfection and detail of something so small and wonderfully made. They took my breath away.

They still do.
But it's different.
Now I plug my nose and holler for someone to start the bath water.

Sometimes I just wish it would slow down.


So today, because it will soon be gone, I will be good.

When someone steals my chair, I won't just move his little body out of the way.

I will stop a moment to admire his chubby cheeks, still covered in breakfast crumbs.

I will look around and see the wonder all around me, the way he looks at everything, everyday.

I will laugh with him in the sunshine.

I will fold all the laundry that comes out of my drier, in a timely manner--

Okay! Getting carried away here...
Scratch that last one.

Okay, despite the dust and crumbs...

And despite the mountains in my laundry room...

No matter how short the visit...

I will say,

"Hello, Day, I welcome you!"
Life Doesn't Allow Training Wheels in NE

P.S. I could still use the Java.


  1. dear Wheels of time,

    Sweet....sweet...sweet. All 3 of those 'grand~babies~o~mine'.
    Thanks for the morning dose of reminders to treasure every minute.

    I tried too, my sweet little~girl~mama (but i blinked a few times)

  2. ohhh...I'm trying to remember to enjoy the little things too...no matter how hard it gets sometimes!

  3. Aw! Tears!
    Reminds me of:

    "Normal day,
    Let me be aware
    Of the Treasure
    That you are,
    Let me Learn from you,
    Love you,
    Bless you,
    Before you depart."

  4. Love this post. My little one is just learning to ride without training wheels. It hardly seems possible. I'm glad we can appreciate the moments and recall the memories, even though time itself has flown...

  5. I wish time didn't go so fast either, but who wants the bad times to go slow. "Make the most of every shining moment"

    Love more, whine less!

  6. I've been on a comment hiatus... though not a reading one. I always love the way your posts come together. Glad you take the time to make the moments count.


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