That Homeschool Chick: A Little Sample

Dear Friends,

There is a vivid memory in the back of my head of learning to cross-stitch. I was little, I don’t know how old. I had watched my mother do needle-work many times and I think I must have been thrilled when she gave me a piece of cross-stitch fabric of my own. The funny part is that my dad is the one who taught me how to do it. He cross-stitched my name, Raimie, on the piece of cloth, showing me how to make the x’s. From there I continued by making lines of stitching under my name. Sewing every-other, every other with different colors of thread. I have that little thing somewhere. I should find it and show it to my daughter.

The other day she asked if she could learn to sew. I almost said no and put her off until another day. In my mind I was older than her when I learned but really, when I thought about it, I must have been about her age. I threaded the needle for her, put the cloth in a needle-working hoop, wrote her pattern in pencil and showed her how to make a stitch.

After about half an hour of silence I went to check on her. She had already formed most of the letters. I know it’s easy for parent to think their children are amazing… it has to do with all those hormones, pheromones and other ‘mones, whatever. But seriously, I was shocked…. I really didn’t think she had the patience, coordination of diligence to work at it so well.

After just a few trips to me to un-tie knots and change thread color -- thank goodness, I like to feel just a little needed -- she finished up her very first sampler.

The moral of the story,
If she can do that, she can certainly do her own laundry.

The End.

Thoughts of a Mother in NE


  1. PRICELESS!! I just LOVE this! You're such an awesome Mom - I wanna be just like you when I grow up. ;)

  2. This is awesome! great job Felicity! (and Mom....

    Yay for teaching kids
    ♥ Auntie m

  3. dear Stitch in Time,

    I remember that....and yes you would have been about 6. I think i probably felt at first, about like you did: "Oh, there is plenty of time, you are still so little..." Glad your daddy took the time to show you THAT day!

    Nana to the
    Six year old

  4. This is awfully late----you may not even go back and look at your old posts to see the "late" comments, but I'll post it anyway! You certainly are a great and patient mommy, and have a darling and talented little girl! About the hormones etc------just enjoy these innocent years before she starts displaying "her-moans"!!!!
    The OLD Hen from SW MN


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