A Walk-About

Dear Grown-up People,

My mom is busy right now so she said I could write this segment.

My name is Prosper, but you can call me Pip. Everybody does.

At our house we have a little tradition in the evenings. We like to take a little walk-about in our yard. We don’t do it every day but Mom and Daddy like to get out there as much as they can.

It’s a big yard.

We let the dog out.

He runs around and I giggle at his silliness. He must really like it out there.

I find a stick to throw for him. Daddy throws it a lot farther than me.

I ride in the wagon.

Or hold mommy’s hand.

Mommy and Daddy pick up bits of trash that blow into our yard as we go along.

They point and talk loudly when they find a plant they never noticed before.

Mommy says it’s like a treasure hunt. I think adults get excited over the weirdest things.

You should have seen her when she found one of her favorite flip-flops after Dune chewed on it..

Mommy gets upset if anybody tramples her flowers. I tried to eat them once and she didn’t like that either. Mom’s are like that.

Daddy is more interested in the things we get to eat.

He takes his veggies very seriously.

There are peas and tomatoes in our garden.

 I could do without the tomatoes.

My sister and brother walk with us or run around, shouting and playing.

I like to look way up, up past the tops of the trees to the sky.

Sometimes somebody steals Mommy’s camera. Can you guess who it is?

This is one of my favorite things. It feels good to be out in the cooler evening air, my family all around me, enjoying the sights and sounds of Nature and giving thanks to the one who made it all.

Muddy Pacifier in NE


  1. Looks like a perfect way to end a summer day...a walk about!

  2. dear Out and about,

    I remember thinking last year at this time, that he would be walking, exploring, and have already learned so much in one years time....and here he is doing just exactly that now.

    to Go~Walk~about too


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