That Homeschool Chick: Color Your Own Van Gogh Paintings

Dear Friends,

When I bought this coloring book a couple years ago, it seemed like forever before I’d have children old enough to appreciate it... As usual, I underestimated the speed of time.
The other day I copied out a couple pictures for us to work on and since I’m a Crayola junkie, I chose one to color myself.

Van Gogh painted it like this.

He named it Entrance To The Asylum.
I felt that was an appropriate choice for me.

Here’s my version.

Don’t you think I should have it blown up, framed and hang it in the entryway?

It might scare away the salesmen.

Bee used a more abstract, colorful, multimedia approach to her picture. I let her know we are not decorating her room this way. Sorry, Charlie.

But that boy... this is his.
You could call him a minimalist but I think it more that he lacks focus.

Maybe that’s my problem.

He looks so much like me as I pull the eighth load of laundry from the washer this afternoon.

Asylum Here I come In NE


  1. dear Van~Go's daughter,

    Yay for the Color books!

    years of Wash and Crayola

  2. Cool coloring book! I miss those handfuls of waxy Crayolas these days. Guess what... Laundry lasts long after Crayolas are forgotten. Guess what else? Crayolas and laundry aren't a good combination but you probably already knew that.

  3. Nice... and I can't believe how grown up your scowly boy is getting. How/when does that happen?

  4. how are you?

    Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!

  5. I'm glad you take time to color with your kids, at any rate. I seem to want to do other things besides color these days.


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