Two of A Kind

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you what happens when you take a baby to a farm sale...


And this is what happens when you take grown men to a farm sale...

They have to crawl all over everything and check it all out.

They pout when things don't go their way.

They must be watched closely.

These two species are closely related.

There are a few differences, thank goodness.

Watching Over My Little Man


  1. What happens when you take a woman to a farm sell?

    Cute post Raimie!

  2. @darcie - That made me laugh. I remember my first auction. Once I got going... oh boy... there was no stopping me and we brought home some real "treasures", I tell ya. ;)

  3. Dear Darcie,
    Wellllll, women end up watching the babies and the men! They NEED our supervison.... otherwise the baby will eat things he shouldn't and dump things out of the stroller... the man? He will put things in our truck we don't need and dump money out of the wallet! ;)

    I Jest in NE

    P.S. They both behaved beautifully!

  4. haha.. cute posts.. loving the comments too!


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