Dear Reader,

I have something to tell you.
Actually, make that a whole list of somethings.

1. I am fatter than I have ever been.

2. I don't drink enough water,
choose the healthiest meals,
or work out as often as I should.

3. I have more responsibilities,
more children,
more wrinkles,
and more gray hairs
than ever before.

4. I have WAY less time to sleep,
and create
than in the past.

5. I've been known to yell,
shed tears ,
and nag
 once or twice...
 this week.

6. My house is messier
and more disorganized
than it has been in my whole life.

7. I'm a real person
(as hard as that is to believe). 

And you know what?  

I'm okay.

The donation of sixteen inches of my fanny-length hair (to Locks of Love) reminded me of something...

This thing, called life, it's not all about me.

Doing Alright
in NE 


  1. I can sign my name to each one.. #1 thru #7...
    but you're right..it's not all about 'me'.
    good for you to donate to locks of love.
    ps. you.are.beautiful!

  2. I bet your head feels lighter, too. Love your braid. Cute.

  3. Remember, it's always the 3rd one that sends you over the edge.... :P After that it dosen't matter!

    You should be a couple #'s lighter with donating that much too! LOL!

    You're right dear, just breathe!! I know how difficult it is..been down that road. It WILL get easier, really--and you WILL survive!

  4. It will get easier! It has to... because if it doesn't, I'm NOT having # 3! (so come back and tell me in a year or so if it's gotten easier!)
    I wish my hair grew long enough, thick enough and fast enough to donate to L-O-L - I think it's a worthy cause! Ok, scratch that - I'm glad my hair doesn't grow that long and thick, so thank you for donating since I can't!

  5. dear More or Less...,
    At least you still have it together enough to make a LIST!!
    Everyday is a new chance to make a new list, and don't worry about how much you DIdn't get done the day before.
    I have NEVER seen so much hair as you had this last time. People, i am here to tell you I have braided that hair and my hands could barely hold it all. (No wonder you had the headaches you did)

    Listmaking is our way of Life

  6. Wonderful post...I just wrote about my weight loss journey on my blog for my Shoot Me post. I loved coming here right after to be reminded that it isn't all about me and that is okay! Loved all of your pictures too. :)

  7. yeah for lists! ditto to most every one of them..hey..i can just refer people to your blog and not say a thing over at mine! that saves time, right? ha! thanks for your honesty!

  8. LOVE YOU, love your family, love your list-making, love your posts, love your generous spirit, yep...i just love you, auntie cyndie

  9. Been there, done that, lived through it. Doing it again. Not donating the hair though, there isn't enough of MY fanny length hair to donate, just enough to tie it up! :) Thanks for the reminder it "isn't about me" or you won't have time for all the other lovely people in your life.

    These are the best years of your life!! Really, my favorite auntie always said so. And they are, until they are teens.


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