Cupcakes Are For The Birds

Dear Readers,
Her name is Katie - but we call her Kupkate and most of the time it's pretty clear we are sisters.
We get told we look a lot alike, but she claims she's the pretty one and for the most part I agree.
We love many of the same things and our shared love of cupcakes is just the frosting.

She turned twelve last month.
It made me feel old.

So I cheered myself up by baking her birthday cake.

It was for the birds. 

Okay, Okay, call me flighty. I was in a nesting mood. This chick needed one special cake.
I was decorating away and the time just flew.

Okay, I done with the bird puns.
I think.

It started with the frosting.

Hmmm... maybe I'm onto something...

I start decorating a cake by tasting the frosting and I end it by licking the spoons.

I eat lots of frosted treats before starting a diet - since soon I'll be missing out. My diet ends when I give into my craving for a cream cheese frosted dessert.

I start eating lots of this stuff and I end up not fitting into my baggiest yoga pants.

Life starts with baby shower cupcakes and ends with funeral luncheon brownies.


-- It all starts and ends with frosting. --

Excuse me while I go get a thickly glazed doughnut with extra cream filling to celebrate my discovery.


Okay, I'm back.

I bought a package of edible Easter grass at the Cracker Barrel and since I can't stand to have inspiring things tucked away in my cupboard too long, it had to be used.

And because I'm a big fan of Cuppy...
And because I seem to not be able to leave well enough (above) alone...

It became this.

I love this little guy.
All it took was an average sized cupcake (on it's side) and half a mini-cupcake (for the head), some candy coating wafers (chocolate and red), a dab of white frosting, two chocolate covered sunflower seeds, two over sized yellow candy buttons and plenty of chocolate sprinkles.

Meet Cuppy's new best friend.
He's kinda a head case.

I can relate.

Because again, that wasn't enough.

There were a lot of people coming to this party, people.

I had to have Peeps for my people.
Or is that, Peeps for my peeps?

Besides there was all this great stuff left over. What's a girl to do?

Well, it's like I always say, When life gives you cupcakes, edible eater grass, frosting, and oversized candy buttons...

Add sprinkles.

and candles.

Think hard.

And make a wish.

I love it when wishes come true.

Psst... Wanna know a secret?

Next time you are standing there, eyes closed, big breath puffing out your cheeks...
Wish for a piece of cake.

I do this every year and every year, without fail,  I open my eyes and there it is,
just waiting for me.

Maybe, you will get that lucky, too.

She did.



  1. Rae...I just wanted to be the 1st one to comment! I havent even read your post yet but I'm trying to be the first one! By the time I finish this comment, Someone will probably already have commented. :( I love your blog!

  2. Nevermind, I WAS the 1st one! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Now I am gonna reade your new post.

  3. dearSisterOfTHE KUPKATE,

    Let 'em eat cake (cup cakes that is)
    And we did!

    mom of KupKate
    (And of the darling delicious cupcakeMaker too!)

  4. What a TWEET cake! and those cupcakes are just the tweetest thing too! :D

  5. Absolutely adorable!!!

    But I'm confused. The whole [B]Nesting[/b] thing... and the pickles and cupcake post awhile back... or am I just reading too much into it?! :D

  6. I hope they tasted as good as they looked. YUM!

  7. Dear Nosey [hee-hee] Nish,
    Do You think I could keep my mouth closed if I had something to tell? Being secretive isn't really my bag... is it?...
    Or maybe I'll just keep you all guessing...
    My Life Is An Open Book (blog) In NE

  8. Rae,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I am familiar with WTM. We do follow along with classical influenced with quite a bit of Charlotte Mason methods of homeschool.

    That cake is adorable and looks delicious!

  9. WOW WOW WOW!! It's a convoluted thing - I so wish we lived close to each other, that would be grand - BUT I'm so glad I don't live close to you...I'd be 5X bigger than I am now!! You are seriously rocking the whole cupcake thing!! You and Katie are so lucky to have each other!

    Living Vicariously Through You Two Sisters As I Don't Have One Of My Own

    word verification – “suppin”
    as in Nosey Nish thinks you have suppin to tell

  10. Has anyone ever mentioned how creative you happen to be? I want to come to your bird party.

  11. oh my. that is just too cute and creative.. i'd love to live closer to you also, but i'd be in the same boat as kristin.. 5x bigger!

  12. Gracious what beautiful cupcakes/Gracious that's a lot of name calling. Nish is just the only one brave enough to ask what we are all wondering now :)

  13. Dear Melinda,
    [hee-hee] I learned it from my kids - the name calling. No actually, Nish knows me WAY too well to take me seriously.

    Oh, and for the record... I'll let ya'll know when I have suppin' to tell. [WINK]
    The Joy Of Cousins In NE

  14. Hahaha! Yes I'm nosey and not afraid to ask! (I even stop to ask directions if I get lost!)
    I just had to be sure... I would hate for you to spend all that time hinting around and not have anybody pick up on it! =D

  15. You are doing a great job with your blog! It is very entertaining :D

  16. Your post are always so fun to read. I wanted to eat this one up. Really. And I never knew about edible grass at Cracker Barrel...


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