Dear Friends,
I aspire to raise good readers.
I hope to have children who share my love of reading.
I firmly believe the good readers live happier ever after.

And so far I have been pleased with what I've seen.

They love it when we read together.
They spend time looking at books.
They play games which include the characters we've read about.
They have favorites and some of them are even my favorites too.

So you can imagine the little leap in my heart when I saw my girl sitting there amongst the typical chaos, quietly reading to herself.

So focused.

So intent.

Ha! I knew there had to be a catch!

Sorry, honey, Archie comics aren't on my list of great literature.
I know, I know, I used to indulge in them too.
But still, does it really even count as reading?

I guess I'll take what I can get.
It's one less child running around, yelling, "Arggggggg, I'll 'det you stinkynoodleheadman! Don't you 'tab me! I'm donna tie you up and the twain is donna wun ober you!! Ha! Ha!"

You can be sure he didn't learn that from a book.
Not even from a comic book.

Maybe love triangles, gigantic sandwiches, and a broken down jalopy aren't so bad after all.

Besides, she makes me smile when she tells me about 'Crunchy', Betty and 'Beronica'.

Real life as a parent always has a way of making confetti of my expectations and comics out of my good intentions.



  1. haha! I love it!! My favorite "learning to read story" is about finding Derek pouring over a comic book, and asking him if he could read it, & he says yes and that was after I finally gave up forcing him to try to read the dumb little 6 word sentences that were sent home from school to teach him to read!

  2. That is hilarious! Kyrie is really "into" reading comic books right now too - I think it's the sequence pictures or something!

  3. Very sweet! We still read to our kids almost every night - hoping to put that love of reading into them early!!

  4. Dear Great Expectations,

    some quotes from my Mary E. library come to mind:

    "Books fall open, you fall in"

    "The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serenity of Books" (Longfellow)

    Oh, and I have to give you this one too:
    "Life is largely a matter of expectation"!

    TheMamaReader (who is also the NanaReader)

  5. Comic books count. Absolutely. No education is complete without a full dose of Archie Comics.


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