Curricula Of Note: Saxon Math

Dear Friends,
Is it possible to adore a math program?
I think it must be.

I'm relatively sure adoration is the proper word for my feelings toward this particular part of our curriculum.

It may be because every lesson begins with a list.
I do adore lists.

Or maybe it's because the scripted lessons take me back to the dramatic performances of my youth.

"Zero, oh Zero! Wherefore art thou, Zero?"

For the record, my kids do look at me funny when I take sweeping bows at the end of the lessons and so far no one has thrown roses at my feet for my touching and emotional presentation of addition.


There is also a calendar.

It makes me feel all organized and stuff.

No comment on why the last date we filled in was in February.

Okay, just one comment,

'Organized, Shmorganized.'

But my favorite part is the manipulatives.

Who knew math was so fun?
She's so busy playing, she doesn't even realize she's learning.

Dinosaurs and Wildthings crop up all around.

Families of snowpeople stare bleakly.

Babies play-- BABIES!!!
"Hey! Who's idea was it to give those to the baby?"

"Oh mom, he wants to do math too!"

"Yeah, well let's think about this... One small object + One small airway =  One serious choking hazard! Come on, do the math!"


"See, Mommy, He said, 'I want to be a rocket scientist when I grow up so I have to learn my geometry now or I won't get into a good school and it will be all your fault for holding me back and not supporting my inner mathematician. And while we're on that note, have you started saving for my college education because those ivy league places are Price-Y! You might want to think about'---"

"Okay, buster! That'll be enough. Here have a grilled cheese and go play in the dirt for a while."

Note to self:
1. Find out exactly who convinced T-boy he's the next 'Baby Whisperer'.
2. Convince him otherwise.

Babies don't know about Harvard... Do they?
Well... Just in case...

3. Play it safe - no more Baby Einstein videos for Pip.



  1. I used Saxon math for a couple of years for my kids. I liked it too!

  2. Good luck on keeping the baby out of the math box.

  3. to the math-mama,

    Yay for you.
    Yay for Saxon,
    and the little learning


  4. i'm looking into our 1st grade curric. I'll have to check out saxtons now!

  5. I wish so much we would have used Saxon math years ago. I think it's one of those things you need to start from the beginning. Maybe I need to start over--now there's an idea!
    Better start them early on Dave Ramsey for kids too, then you won't have to worry about the price for the ivy league!
    Those pictures of baby in his monkey jams are adorable too!

  6. Where were you when I was learning math? Oh...probably not even learning it yourself yet.

    If only math was as fun when I was trying to learn it, then maybe just maybe I would have actually enjoyed it. Then again...probably not. Math and I don't get along.

  7. Dear Antie-Math,
    It's never too late to start Saxon. It is VERY user/parent friendly and between the teacher's guide and easy to understand lesson format you would do fine. The titles available are: Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 43, 54, 65, 76, 87, Algebra 1/2, Algebra I, Algebra II. The numbered levels work like this: 54 is for an average 5th grader or advanced 4th grader. If you think your kid is right on average grade level - go with the book with their grade number 1st, if they are advanced for their grade go with the one with their grade number second, if you think they are behind go back a book. Each one starts with a good amount of review of course basics so if they are just a tad behind or out of practice they will be able to catch right back up. Each lesson includes a lot of review of material from the previous lessons so they aren't as likely to forget things they already covered but they keep learning new things at the same time. There is test booklets available for each level too so you can make sure they are up to par --- since you are working with your kids on an individual basis, the tests aren't that important becuase you are going to notice if they start to struggle but I encourage you to go ahead and have them do the tests as testing skills are something they will need in college and possibly in the work place.

    Don't dismiss them thinking it's too late! Please... :) They are made so you can jump in wherever you are.
    Math Should Be More Fun In NE

  8. I used Saxon and loved it!!! And than I put them in public school. and they had core math which is awful. The math teachers and I had choice words about the Bozo curriculum buyer who chose Core math for the curriculum. It didn't last too long because now they have something else. I think Math scores in the US would improve a hundred fold if they used all Saxon math curriculum.

  9. Hey Rae!
    Cool post!
    Love, The chicken Lady
    ~ Katie Meg

  10. Saxon is what they use in Springview where I sub. Makes it very easy for me to jump in and do!


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