I Heart The Country (Part IV)

Dear Readers,
Parts I, II, and III (if you missed 'em)

Part IV

I have been saving these pictures; savoring them.

They are truly some of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. They were taken at my mom's last Autumn.

The beautiful weather reminds me of what is to come if this Winter thing would ever go away.

I walked bare-foot while taking these.

My toes crunched dry leaves.

There was beauty all around.

I was amazed again at the power of the country; the beauty there.

I want it all.

I have fallen; hook, line and sinker.

Yep, the city girl now dreams of the country.

I think it happened when I examined what I love the most and the things I have to do. I realized I can be me - loving, living, doing - ANYWHERE. Sorry, I didn't mean to shout, it was just such an amazing revelation, I can't help but get excited about it.

So I will hope. I will pray.

And maybe, just maybe, we'll find the place we're looking for.

I'm ready to jump right  in.

I have only one stipulation. I must have high-speed internet. Period.

Turning Country in NE


  1. don't forget indoor plumbing! :D

    My two stipulations would be: no more than 5 minutes from town and high speed internet!
    Hope you find the place you're dreaming of!

  2. AMEN!! I'm with you sistah! (well, niecey)

    Wonderful awesome pictures.
    I can do more than 5 minutes from town, but that WOULD be a disaster for Nish....HAHA!

  3. EVERY single day I am thankful for what we enjoy about life in the country. I already know I would survive without internet (I did for a long time ha) But....I am of the opinion that what I really need out here is a CAMERA.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pix.

  4. I LOVE, LOVE the country. And we have high speed internet out here! :)

  5. if you can't find what you want, plant fast growing trees around what you have and pretend.

    love those photos, I think I need to find some old ones of mine and post them just for the joy of it.

  6. Nish,
    What? Plubing is not all that whoopy! ;) And I'm not sure five minutes from the city would qualify as in the 'country'. You could probably get away with that since "the middle of nowhere" is right down the block. But here, town would swallow it up why too fast. I need somewhere where there's no neighbors to hear me yell [hee-hee] I mean, hear my kids yell.
    I did tell MLH I really want to look South or South West of here since that is the end of town the Super Target is on... he wasn't as convinced that was a priority. But then it isn't on HIS 'lifelong resolutions list' to NEVER set foot in a Walmart AGAIN!


  7. P.S. Shelley,
    We can't even plant trees because we are renting this house and even if we could there wouldn't be enough yard left-over after adding a bunch of trees! :( Boo-hoo

  8. Love the photos! It's nice to have our own place in the sun isn't it.

  9. Girl,

    I think it will just be a matter of time before we find out that you have gone completely country and you are feeling the leaves crunch under your feet on your own piece of property that you will call, "Home Sweet Country Home!"

  10. Yes, I'm already in the middle of nowhere so 5 miles out from the middle of nowhere would be perfect for me!

    If you have your heart set on Super Target (or even TARGET at all!), don't come THIS far south west! Target (not SUPER!) is 80 miles away so we discuss our love/hate relationships with walmart regularly! (especially when they took away our FABRIC department!)

  11. Beautiful pics, there, country girl wanna be. My favorite? The boy, the dog, and the outdoor drying rack. Happy hunting for that perfect place!


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