Run, Run, As Fast As You Can

Dear Friends,
I'm writing this post because I know you need more ideas on how to spend your money.

I'm writing it because my baby is sleeping and my three year old is with his Papa in Florida and I don't know what to do with myself. 

I'm writing it for the sake of posterity. Someday as my children are wading through my junk and ordering a dump truck to haul it all away, they just might want to know what possessed their mother to acquire this stuff.

 I couldn't help it, okay? 

I was at Hobby Lobby shopping for nothing and everything, it's always that way in that store, I tell ya. As I was checking out, I glanced over to the holiday clearance rack conveniently placed right by the check-out counter. There they were.

They spoke to me. That's all I'm saying.

Then there was this, another holiday mark-down.

And this Winter my parents gave me this basket set. It's special because it's from them but also because I (and several other consultants) sent the idea into the Longaberger Company for a gingerbread house basket and it resulted in the introduction of this basket. I was in shock.

I had been heard.
After all the selective hearing that I face on a regular basis, it was a pretty amazing experience.

With the purchase of this darling vintage color book (E-bay), I am now the proud curator of a gingerbread collection.

Yep, a collection is defined as at least three associated items.
Like I said, I couldn't help it.

I am a collector at heart.
It's hereditary.

I got it from my aunt.
She collects bells, Longaberger, books, and several other things, including children. She has the full set of  limited edition J. Kids (twelve in all). Quite an accomplishment, wouldn't you say. I don't intend to compete on that score.

 I'm half insane with three.

I added these two Willowtree figurines since they look like they could be Hansel and Gretel. They were a Valentine's gift for my honey a couple years ago when we had just two munchkins.

And there we are, my newest collection.

And that, my friends, is all she wrote.
You can all heave a massive-- make that a collective, sigh of relief.



  1. REALLY CUTE! We don't have a Hobby Lobby here where I live in Portland, OR but I read about them on so many bogs and I am dying for one!!!

  2. I am still waiting on that whole, "being heard thAng". Maybe that is why I have a blog...in hopes that someone is listening. :-) On a serious side...that is really so cool that they made a basket from your idea...too cool.

  3. Your post reminded me of Hobby Lobby. I used to go to our local one in St. Louis all the time, but since moving to Raleigh there aren't any here and I miss them - a lot! Aren't they the best?

  4. Very cute basket, things I like to collect are red items for my kitchen, snowmen, and dust for all the items I have.
    The only downside to having a wood stove.

  5. I've seen those cute gingerbread people in Hobby Lobby! I'll have to go pick them up! I'm getting married soon and would love to decorate my kitchen in gingerbread men:)

  6. How cute are these! We do have a Hobby Lobby here, but I don't remember seeing the little gingerbread men. And how cool is it that Longaberger listened to you and took your idea to heart! You should have one organized home with all your baskets. ;) Seriously - very cute collection!

  7. Darling arrangement....And
    I want to see your Longaberger gingerbread house up close. the other things too.
    I have been heading to H.Lbby often of late, but only to the SCRAPBOOKING aisle to whatever is featured on sale for the week! guess I should look around in there a bit further now and then. I suppose you could say that FINISHED SCRAPBOOK PAGES are one of my favorite things to COLLECT!
    Others include:
    MY GRANDBABIES (there are 3, so that means they are a 'collection' you said;)

  8. I didn't know what the collector of kids is collecting besides kids and baskets, but she used to collect tins. Sometimes, collections get to be TOO much, (like the kids) and therefore I don't collect ANYTHING.

    except stuff.

  9. cute! i love willowtree figurines...haven't collected any yet, but i probably will!


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