Coloring In The Hood

Dear Friends, 
I miss my middle turkey. He took a trip with his Papa to deliver some fiberglass animals to Florida. He was supposed to be home tonight. Instead he is stuck in Texas due to a major break-down. Now he won’t be home ‘til Saturday or Sunday. I think I may have a full emotional break-down by then.


 "No sleepovers. No Summer camp. No college. No leaving. Ever. Period."  --- Or at least until the next time I really need a break from the tromping, the yelling, and the noise, Noise, NOISE, NOISE!

Wow, I sound like just like The Grinch. I must really need to hug that boy.

He makes my heart grow three sizes a day. 

Talking to him on the phone is not enough. His voice sounds older just in the time he’s been gone (a week ago Monday) and it sounds much, much too far away. The funniest part of this whole thing is that my dad says Latham has been ‘perfect’ the whole time. No way. My son? I think he accidentally left T-boy at the first rest-stop and he was replaced by some robot-kid.


Well, the post must go on. It really was supposed to be about more than my 'mommy missy moments'. It is still about T-boy because he is on my mind the most. But I promise it’ll be a little less boo-hoo-y/sappy/soupy/drippy/mopey/whiney than that first bit.

That's okay, no thanks needed. I try not to drag you down.

T-boy got these crayons in his cornucopia this past Thanksgiving.



Not so cute. Kinda gruesome.Such is the life of the weak in the presence of the violence (read: exuberance) of my little hoodlum.

Still kinda macabre. But heads or no heads they kept him busy for a good long spell. After all, heads are highly overrated. I know lots of people who never use theirs.

Final Note: In case you were wondering how this qualifies as a Home-schooling post, we called it a lesson in Anatomy, Art, Science and Compassion.

Hey, I take what I can get. The main point is this: distraction accomplished.

Now I think I'll go distract myself from missing my son by making a batch of sompin' gooooood. Cupcakes fix everything. That's all I'm saying.

The End

He is the sweetest hoodlum ever.
Well, actually I don’t know that many hoodlums.
Correction: I don't know any other hoodlums.
I guess that makes him the sweetest hoodlum I know, huh?
He worked diligently to re-capitate them-- with tape and “ticky-tack”. These babies had it going on (and off again) there for a while.

It worked out okay.
2.5 seconds later: off they came.
In they came. Awww, so cute, right?
"Bring on the animal heads."
Unlike his sister, mere coloring books, notebooks, and stacks of paper don’t do it for him.
I hid them away for the right moment; a moment when all other distractions had failed.


  1. I guess you haven't visiting your mom lately, if you don't know any more hoodlums, or are you qualifying, I don't know any SMALL hoodlums.

    Because if you're missing big ones, you could host the the airsoft game.

  2. Are those the cutest crayons or what. What little boy wouldn't decapitate them? I know mine would too! I'm glad he makes your heart grow three sizes each day =)

  3. His expressions are priceless.
    .......and two hoodlums are really not enough ya know.... They don't qualify for a collection. LOL!

  4. Do you need to borrow my wild boy until yours comes home? :)

  5. Well should my head fall off...I know where to go.

    I know the feeling of missing your babies. I don't think it ever goes away even when they grow up and get married. Ask your parents...I bet they miss you everyday!

  6. Rae,
    It really has been a fun trip with this little guy....a'real' trip..so to speak.
    I've never been around someone so small that comes up with the funniest quips...such as when his uncle wanted a couple of his fries..His uncle said 'Please'...but T-boy replies, 'Nope, not until you say T-boy is the coolest'. It's so hard to keep a straight face trying not to encourage him....and it's been these kinds of sayings that have kept me in stitches for days.
    I'll take him along anytime you need a break!

  7. hummm...thought I posted a comment earlier but I see it didnt' go through...
    T-boy is the cutest hoodlum I'm seen it quite a while! And he makes your heart grow 3 sizes a day?? How big is your chest?? ;) Nah...I know what you mean. Sometimes it feels like we love our kids so much our hearts physically hurt. Where in TX are Papa and T-boy? If they're in E TX and they're going to be here for a few days I might have to go bug them...I bet Jacob & T-boy could have a grand time!

  8. aww! what a sweet little hoodlum! :)
    and those are seriously the coolest crayons i have ever seen! :D

  9. How are you holding up by now, hoodlum's mom? He should be home soon? Sounds like he's giving his grandpa some needed comic relief!


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