[M]admissions From the Loony Bin

Dear Reader,
It isn't orthodox.
You've probably never heard it said out loud before.
It may shock you.

I have two new years resolutions.

 Shocking, isn't it?

1. I will not go stark-raving mad.

[echo] mad, mad, mad

2. I will love - truly, madly, deeply

hmmm.. Sounds like a song, I like that.

So basically, I just want to be mad -
madly in love, that is,  and not go mad while I'm at it.

Sorry, it's just that oxymoron in me.
I can't help it. It's hereditary.

I'm madly in love with this boy.

He goes through life with his mouth open, like a baby bird, just waiting for food to fall in.

He eats all the time.

But in 2010 I will remind myself about how short this stage is.
I will tell myself not to lose my mind. It's only a messy house, after all.
Then I'll tell myself to quiet down, the neighbors are giving me weird looks, again.

He is teething. Something in the long trail of drool may have clued you in.
This too shall pass. He will not always be crabby and I will not always be going crazy trying to keep him from putting everything in his mouth. All too soon he will be the one giving me the strange looks to remind me not to mumble incoherently to myself.

Oh, wait. He already does that.
"Hold it right there, buster!
Don't you look at me with that tone of voice.
You are not allowed to start crawling.
No mobility allowed.
Do I look like I need to be worrying about cords, stairs, small toy---"  

"---What was I saying?  Look at you go! Isn't mommy's Pickle-ickle-puss getting so big?"

What can I say?
Something in that smile plays a melody on my heartstrings.
And whatever was pushing me over the edge is gone, just like that.

Who could be mad with a song in their heart?

So go right ahead, son, crawl. I can take it, just to see you smile.

But don't go too fast.
I like you little.

He is also begging to eat big people food.
At ten pounds fourteen ounces, I think he was born hungry.

Can't you hear it?
"Please, mom, please, just one bite."

So we started some food stuff.
He loves it.
I'm not so excited about the mess.

I feel sorta strange and sad about not being his only source or nutrition.

Baby food commercials don't warn you about that.
But then we skipped the whole baby-food thing.
He jumped right to carefully selected table food.

He's just not a baby-cereal-pureed-veggies man.
Third babies are like that.

He likes to be mad too.
Maybe it's hereditary.

Turns out food isn't so interesting, after all. It's kinda like sleep, highly overrated.

So despite the lack of sleep, teething crabbies, food messes, more laundry, need for increasing watchfulness, and general insanity, I'm going to love every minute of these days.

Look out, Dee, he's mine.
I'm going to take my chances to hold him tight. I'm gonna steal all the kisses I can,

Before he's going, going, gone.

And before these moments are only a memory, a maddeningly blurry one at that.

Happy New Year!

One Mad Mama


  1. I love it, bought tears to my eyes.
    "Let them be little...."
    "Turn around and they're gone...."
    "You're going to miss this...."
    "She left the suds in the bucket...."

    hang in their girl, it's worth every drool, mess & tooth.

    Love and appreciation from the oldest auntie to the oldest niece.

  2. Hang in there mad mama. And Happy New Year!

  3. He is so adorably sweet! He reminds me of the baby boy in the Sunshine Family I had when I was little: http://www.fashiondoll-shop.com/ci_5343486/thumb_5043259.jpg
    So very cute!

    love, a mother of only bald baby girls

  4. mamaKey and Lil' SisJanuary 2, 2010 at 9:21 PM

    Mom and I are here alone since everybody is gone. It is SO QUIET and empty around here (unlike the last 2 weeks...no offence, we loved your visit!)
    Glad you (finally) got a new post up, Pip is so cute.
    Love, Kit-Kat

  5. I wonder if these bigger babies just get hungrier sooner. I'm sure I don't know. Love that drool pix, but I hate drool. Zane drooled for 10 months before he got a tooth, I didn't know babies could drool that much. I thought those comics in Baby Blues were exaggerated.

  6. I love oxymorns...and I LOVED this post! Oh our babies...how do they grow up so quickly on us? It seems like they just learn how to say, "mama", and then they are teaching their babies how to say, "nana"! Yikes!

    Happy New Year Rae...enjoy!

  7. :) Maddening, isn't it? How they can drive you nuts while wrapping you around their little finger at the same time. (*It's part of the curse, I think*) Love your resolution! Enjoy your year... I'll enjoy seeing it through your eyes.


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