Baby Leggy Warmies

Dear Friends,
My house is filled with beautiful wood floors; beautiful, bare, wood floors. I hate rugs - don't ask!It's just the way I am. So what's the problem? My baby is frantic to start crawling and something in me rebels against watching him struggle across that cold floor. 

Maybe it's my mother's voice in my head saying,
"Cover that baby, he must be cold."

Babies kinda miss the whole point of the cause and effect thing. But believe me, no body is missing out on the hollers Pip's emitting every time I try to prevent him from practicing his new sport.

My friend at Baby Goose Co. saved me. She makes these darling baby leg warmers. the more I put them on my kiddo the more I love them.

They go much further than just warming the legs. They give him some extra padding for the knees and tops of his feet. Don't tell him that though,

he's going for the tough-guy look.

They saved me some money too.
I was able to stretch some of his more Summery clothes into Winter outfits merely by adding leg warmers under his short outfits.They are also great for an extra layer to prevent "bare-ankle syndrome" - another no-no around Nana. They work perfectly well under footless sleepers, overalls or pants to keep those ankles covered.

They are becoming our most faithful companion in preventing wardrobe mal-functions.
No more bare feet in the grocery store because we lost a sock -just pull the leg warmer down. No more worries when we can't find a matching sock and we're late for something or other - just pull the warmers over the sock tops and scrunch a bit over the tops of his shoes - no one's the wiser.
It helps me look like I've got it together, even when I don't.
I love that they add warmth without adding another thing to pull down or un-snap when he needs changed.

Plus, they are very stretchy. He'll be able to wear them a very long time. In fact, T-boy wears them too.

Only he wears them on his arms.

He's such a goof. He can't stand extra layers around his torso and complains about things when they feel the least bit tight. When Winter came he had a lot of good t-shirts that still fit him. So we just added some leg warmers and he's nice and toasty. And I didn't have to go add shirts to this Season's shopping list.

It doesn't take a lot to make me happy.
Besides, I was born in the eighties, I'm pretty sure I came into the world with big hair, wearing neon pink leg warmers.

Eighties Lady

P.S. Bee and I are wearing leg warmers too. We are pretending it's for the same reason as the boys. It's not. We're girls and it's purely for fashion - Make's us feel like ballet dancers

Get ya some, Dahling!


  1. wish I had some too, this might make you a nonomie in the "tightwad" club.

  2. Tee hee - thanks for the mention!! So glad you're enjoying them. Pip looks SO CUTE wearing them (but don't tell him I said that...)

  3. Looks like a perfect solution...all the way around!

  4. I love them! My older girls spent quite a few years wearing them. They should have never went "out". Lenetta's are darling. I still need to order some :(

  5. Those are so great! I wish I had seen them when my babes were smaller. But I like the idea of wearing them on their arms, very creative I'd say! Maybe I'll get some afterall!

  6. i love legwarmers :) and have some :)
    supperr. :) and theyre soo cute on lil babies :))

  7. They're super cute - even on T-boy's arms! Kyrie loves hers.


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