Curricula of Note: Teach Your Child To Read

Dear Friends,
Monday was our first day back to 'school' after a break for the holidays.

I confess that our days don't always look like this. Much of our learning happens in a less hair-braided-plaid-jumpered-sitting-quietly-at-the-table sort of way.

But somehow I like to kick off our semester with an ideal day.

A day where we are organized, focused and well groomed. I guess maybe if we start at the top and drop a bit we are better-off than if we start at the bottom - there's no where to go but up from there. Then it feels like the whole thing is a up-hill climb.

This way, we spend the weeks until our next break in a gentle downward slope. Right about the time I'm yanking out tufts of hair in frustration and it seems like we're pulling teeth to finish one measly assignment, it's break time again and we can regenerate, recuperate and vegetate without guilt.

Whatever the reason, it works for us, for now.

Finding what works for you and your children really is the goal, isn't it?

Teaching Bee to read is at the top of our list this year. Reading opens the doors to so much more learning. I think I'm more excited about this oh-so-important lesson than any other subject. The thought of watching the light of understanding in my child's eyes, hoping to witness the great "Eureka!" moment gives me chills.

We've tried a couple different books but here's the one we like best.
It's not a new book but it really works. and again, that is the point. 

It teaches phonetic reading, which I've found best for my students, all two of them.

When the lessons include saying, "lawnmower" slow and then fast, even T-boy gets interested. He has been pacing Bee, lesson for lesson. He quickly grasped the word concept and started substituting his own words, "motor-cycle"  being his first choice.

Somebody knew what they were doing when they came up with the concept to feed the desire for instant gratification in a child. By lesson 8 they are sounding-out three letter words - Do a lesson a day and in a little over a week they are "reading". Just typing that is getting me excited all over again.

Each lesson includes a writing assignment but if you are working with a child who struggles with eye-hand coordination, this can be skipped and writing can be taught later. Bee is capable of this part but T-boy, not so much. Maybe a boy thing?

My favorite part is that the book tells you exactly what to say and do. I don't have a teaching degree and I don't claim to know how to teach reading on my own. I have one great advantage, I know how to read and with Teaching Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons that is all you need.  

Soon my daughter will be reading along with me
Oh, happy day!

Oops!  and my son too. He refuses to be left behind.



  1. Thanks for the book rec... I wrote it down some time ago but didn't remember what it was!

  2. dear Teaching/Reading Mama,
    Oh Yay! This stage IS so exciting.
    I really wish I had a picture memory of the exact moment each of my 6 kiddleywinks learned to read.
    It is such a gradual process tho isn't it? Actually since they were newborn and hearing your voice when you talk...reading and in conversation, they have been storing up skills that come together now for them. I love that T-boy is right with Bee in it all. Reminds me of the Rae/Dee learning scenes at house in 1991-92. She was the same way. It is the classic learning together thing at its best.
    Enjoy...and keep close watch, it won't be long now, and you will be saying THEY'RE READING!

    Love, The first reading Mama voice YOU heard.

  3. That is so great. I was thinking how cute she looks in that adorable plaid jumper and darling braids. You have it together! I don't think we would be successful here if I were the teacher, LOL.

  4. I'll have to check into that book. I'm starting to look into books/things for 'next year..aka..reading' for our oldest.

  5. You know, getting dressed and combed before working is a very good habit to get into. It is so easy to NOT work when you are in your pjs.


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