Colorado's Callin', M'deer

Dear Intrepid Reader, 
Do you ever have those moments where you wonder,

How did I get here? 

You find yourself asking, 

How did I end up in a cabin full of people for a weekend in Colorado? 

Well, here's my story.

He met


They fell in love and got married.

They had one wonderful daughter and then a passel of smelly hooligans.

Including, her,


-- Sidenote here, Isn't he getting all grown-up and stuff? It's bothering me.
Where was I?
It was something about 'smelly'...

oh yeah,



and him.

Then he met


It was magic.

He turned her world upside down

with his charming ways.

It was love, love, love.
-- I think you get the picture.

So they got married.

She came along.

Then him

and him.
and they all lived together in a crooked little house.

oops, wrong story.
Where was I?

Oh yeah, life's persistent questions...

We all ended up here.



To play games?


To stare dreamily into the distance?

That's not it.

To use those blasted cornucopia-thingies Rae keeps going on about?



To wage an Indian battle?

They are Native Americans. And no.

I've got it! To laugh and give each other strange looks?

ohhhh, so close.

To enjoy some teenage attitude a la mood?

Help us all. Are you trying to be funny?

To enjoy some teenage attitude a la mood?

You already guessed that.

Oh, sorry.

I know, I know! It was to sing.

ummmm, no.


No, no, no!

Eureka! You were there to break-dance!

Where do you come up with this stuff? Do we look like a family that break-dances on a regular basis? Wait, don't answer that.

Next you'll say we were there to cry when our nephew sat on our face. People, focus here!

Ok, how about checking out locations for your dad's new office?

Yeah, I can see it now...

[Ring-Ring] Hello... Yes... Uh-huh... yes---Deer!... What?... Oh no... I was not trying to be cheeky...Yes, I understand... No, I'm sorry Mrs. Magillicutty. It won't happen again... No, I don't want to speak to your husband... Yes, I'm sure he is twice the man I am... no, I'm not saying he's fat... Goodbye to you too.

[humming] I wonder what bee got under her bonnet. Look at all those deer.

[Ring-Ring] Hello?.. Hi Paul... Yes, about your project---Oh! Deer!... What?... No, nothing is wrong... No, we're right on schedule... I'm not hiding anything... Really, nothing is wrong... Everything is okey-dokey, fine as a fiddle, right as rain... What do you mean I sound like I'm overcompensating for something?... Paul? Paul?

Wow, I have got to stop doing th---Deer!

As you can see, that would never work.

Alright, how about to play with Silly Putty?

That's just silly. You're grasping at straws now. You are like putty in my hands. You are mine to toy with. Moowahaahaahaaaha! Ahem, sorry.

Moving on...
To look beautiful.

Hey, some people can't help it, okay?

Oh, sorry.
Did I say, to play games?

Yes. Give up?

Yes, you got me.

It was to celebrate their continuing story; a thirty year romance that's still being told. 

So be careful who you fall in love with.

You just never know how it will effect the big picture.


P.S. If you are disturbed by the conversations in my head please send your complaints to my imaginary receptionist. She's outta' sight.


  1. I don't care what kind of conversations you have in your head, you should have more of them.
    My favorite line of the whole thing. "Be careful who you fall in love with"
    The next one...teenage attitude a la mood. :)

  2. It doesn't take much guessing to know you are all very blessed to have each other... when you look at the big picture. Happy Anniversary to Rae's dad and mom.

  3. Hello? Secretary, are you there? Can you give Rae a message for me plese? No you don't need pen an paper for that...... Yes, I hold.


    Hello? She making conucopias again? Did you tell her that's 11 months away? Oh, OK. Hey, about that message.... Yeah.... Oh, just tell her I love her post. Thanks!

  4. Sounds like a totally absolutely fabulous time along with the attitudes & stinky socks.
    YES to Shelley's comment! :) However, I'm remembering Stanley's statement, that Choosing is better than falling! :)

    Looks like the cornucopias got put to a very fun use!
    If nothing else, I'm quite sure that you inspire all (well, ahem, SOME of)the rest of us to be more creative writers/bloggers!

  5. Hello?? Rae?? You have a stunning family! And a crazy mind - I LOVE it!!

  6. Can you beleive we took you all back to where we honeymooned all those years ago in 1979?
    It was crazy wild fun and a lot more noisy this time with all the HOOLIGANS we have now, but we would do it all again.
    We are sure enjoying the way you are documenting the memories for us in your uniquely "Rae-l style".

  7. that was a blast to look at and read! congrats to them! and you!

  8. Awesome...30 years...and I am sure the picture continues to change, but yet keeps getting more, and more beautiful.

  9. How fun. Congrats to everyone. My parents did the same thing... took us back to where they were married 30 years ago. It was on top of a hill on Oahu overlooking the ocean and Diamond Head. Thank goodness for parents that take us back to where they were married, huh? ;) Loved looking at your trip pictures. All of them.


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