Mama, We've Got Cabin Fever

Dear Deprived Reader,
You really missed out by not being at the cabin with us this past weekend.

1.) you were probably enjoying time with your family.

2.) You might not have enjoyed the time with my family as much as we did.

3.) If all of you had been there we would have had standing room only, the cabin pressure would have been unbearable, the temperature stifling, and we all would have started to smell like three-day-old socks.

What do you mean you weren't invited?

Me casa su casa--cabin, whatever, amigos.
Unless you smell like those socks I mentioned. Then you can sleep outside.

The folks who run this place (Lazy R Cottages) are awesome. We were met with flowers and goodies on our arrival. Swell service, I tell ya.

When I went looking online for a cabin in Estes Park, Colorado, I couldn't believe the options. But we took a look at the kitchen pictures and we were sold on this one.

I want these appliances, like yesterday.

We needed a lot space for our troupe. And we got it.

The bedrooms were lovely and there was even wireless, for the people who can’t leave their work at home, ahem, ahem.

The loft balcony was perfect for when we were in the mood for an imitation of the Pope overlooking the multitude gathered outside the Vatican.

Like I said, you might not have enjoyed the time with my family as much as we did. They are an acquired taste.

Another selling point was the view.

It speaks for itself.

Note: Model not included.

I wanted to take home these signs,

this moose,
and these fixtures.

Mr. Loggerhead said we didn't have room in our rig. He can be such a spoil-sport.

 Some people couldn't get over the lack of cell-phone service.
“Ahhhhhhh, I’m melting… Can’t…. Breath! Must… Have… service…”

Poor thing, stuck with her family.
[sputter, cough, snort] pwwwahahahahaha!

We had everything we needed: food, beautiful weather, two bathrooms, and Dee (to laugh at). Can’t get much better than that.

Oh, and the cabin is separated into two units. Mr. Loggerhead, the kiddlywinks and I had the basement to ourselves so if we would have gotten tired of being together, which we didn’t, we could’ve shut the door, in theory. Not that that would ever happen. [Wink]


P.S. I did ask, but Mr. Loggerhead said it was too expensive to live there forever. What did I tell ya, he’s a real spoil-sport.


  1. That looks like so much fun, I'm glad you had a good time. I'm glad your family can tolerate each other in such cramped and poor (ahem) quarters.

  2. I'll take that bathroom and that kitchen, wow! And no one here has stinky socks.... bwa haa haaaa

  3. OH MY WORD!!! Will you adopt me? I want to come stay with you all in that cabin...like yesterday! Looks totally fabulous!

  4. Thankful Lil' SisDecember 7, 2009 at 8:23 PM

    Yes it was very fun and relaxing...well...sort of.Besides the smelly sock part,it was great!
    Anyway,what I really meant was that I loved being all together,opening gifts,playing games,the view,(through your eyes,too)and X-pecially the cabin!Thank you for being such a loving and caring sister,& coming there with us.
    I love you!


  5. So...can you adopt me too? I promise to wash my own stinky socks! And could you send me a chip of that green paint - I REALLY need to know what color that is. It looks just perfect for my house. ;)

  6. That cabin looks like a castle. Looks like a lot of fun.

  7. thanks for the info! we're actually thinking of doing a family trip to Estes park in late May next year..i'm going to cc this to my hubby as a possibility! thanks! glad you had a great time!

  8. what a spoil sport that mr logger head is!
    It's so beautiful up there - as Jim & I discovered when we went in August!


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