Vrooooom! Urrrrrrrrch!

Dear Friends,

 I found this on the arm of my chair one day. I know the little person who left it there was only thinking about their game of cars and the need for their play world to look like the real thing. One must have stop signs and road construction, you know. But somehow this small and simple image became beautiful and poignant to me. It said, "Stop! Have caution! You are loved. Stop and smell the roses. Stop complaining. Stop wasting time."
 It said, "Slow down! They are growing-up while you are busy with less important things. Be careful! They are watching you. Be watchful! They are in constant need of direction. Rejoice, you are loved!"

---Everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life. - The Story People

There it is. I have enough time to start stopping to notice the things that matter and enough time to stop starting tasks that don't. I have enough time to give thanks that I am loved and enough time to show my love to others. Exactly enough time.


  1. thanks again girl-o-mine, for another thought provoking post....
    I need reminders like this to "slow down" and notice the little things.

  2. YES!!! You said it so well...it is so important to start stopping...before there is nothing to stop for.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. I love your vision. Great thoughts. You're raising a creative kid, too... that can see a stop sign in a I AM LOVED button. I have much to learn from your Utopia...


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