Casually Country (Part II)

If you missed it, here is Part I

Part II ---

Dear Reader,

I am a city slicker. I was born in a city. I have lived a lot of my life in cities. When you grow up this way you can expect to see some common threads through the pictures in your album. Like here, see the road? (Alaska) Expect to see lots of streets, freeways and interstates. Traffic is a big thing in the city.

There are houses in the background of almost every shot. (Arizona)

Parks galore. Some even right across the street. (Nevada)
You'll visit all the local tourist attractions. Like horseback riding by the London Bridge. Okay, not a real horse or the real bridge. This one is in Lake Havisu, Nevada. But I had you going for minute there. Didn't I?

You have to learn to be street savvy, know the road rules. I think I missed that one. I ran into a car door once. I have always been known for my grace.

Everyone has smallish yards or no yard at all. This is why trimming your grass with fingernail clippers is so common with the throngs of the metropoli. Grass is a rare commodity. It's bordering on extinction. Okay, that's pushing it. Suffice it to say, as a child, grass was a luxury. I'm glad we had some.

There is birthday parties at amusement parks,

Driving the airport shuttles,

and showing anyone who came to visit all the sights of the City. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

You have large classes,


and Street Vendors. My sister used to holler, "Free water! Ten cents a glass!" Nothing is free in the city.

And of course there is all the eating out. Sweet, blessed restaurants. I can't help myself. "Can I take you order please?" sends goosebumps up my arms.

I always thought living in the country would be nice. We had friends who lived in the country and it was fun to visit and pretend. But truly, my mom's country decorating style was about as close as we got to country.
Until we moved here.
I was fifteen. You know the rap - the townie moves onto an acreage. Wanting a horse, a garden, maybe a few chickens. That way we could play country girl now and then, in between begging for trips into town. Thank goodness my parents never let me get the horse. I would have had no idea what to do with it and I'm sure I lacked the commitment required for such a huge undertaking. We did have a garden but my mom did all the work. We even had chickens one year, but that's another story.
The point is that as much as I loved living there and enjoyed the benefits of country life, I was still always a city girl living in the country. Something like, you can take a girl outta the city...
I love the convenience of being able to shop whenever, wherever. I love the availability of anything you want or need. I am an avid people-watcher... which requires people to watch.
So what did I do?
What else could I do?
Obvious choice here!
I married a country boy.

City Mouse in NE


  1. Forgot about the picture of Lynisha's lunchon!
    Can't wait till you do a post on the chickens....hehe!

  2. once upon a time in the far-north
    (Alaska to be exact) there was a darling blue-eyed baby born.....

    Thanks child-o-mine for the quick trip down (up?) memory lane.....
    I sometimes feel like it went THAT fast too!

  3. It's been fun getting to know you and your story...so you married a country boy...funny thing. Almost as funny as the "free" water.

  4. Love your blog---you're really good at capturing moments and memories. :)

  5. i was a city slicker, until I married a country boy. we live in the country. and love it. we wouldn't want it any other way! (although going from city to 'country' took some adjusting when we got married)

  6. Awwww! What a sweet story!! I too am a city cirl who married a country boy. OK--country is relative. Maybe more suburban. But I moved from NYC to Seattle and it is DEFINITELY a different world!

  7. I would have never guessed you were such a city slicker. I on the other hand was a farm girl who moved to the city.

  8. PLEASE tell the chicken story and post the pictures!


  9. what was the occasion that we were all eating out at Red Lobster??? How come I can't remember?!

  10. Nish!! Bridal lunch... for you....!


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