Charmed Life?

Dear Friends,
This fortune was in my cookie the other night at our new favorite Chinese buffet.

I like it. I may have it framed.

Before you get the notion that I have a big head, let me tell you that I grabbed this cookie on my way out the door to meet Mr. Loggerhead, who had quickly ushered our middle child to the car after T-boy threw-up on the floor. Out of the whole restaurant he chose the bit of floor that happened to be right in front of all the people waiting to be seated.

So just in case you thought I needed something to keep me humble.



  1. What a lovely fortune, we have two that live on at our house, "Be patient, all things come to those who wait" and "God will help you overcome any hardship", which I got right after the news my cousin Retha was killed.

  2. yuck on T-boy. hope he feels better. And you DO have a charming way with words. I'd buy your book in a heartbeat!

  3. Oh no! i think that must happen to every parent at some point. Our middle son did that once but I saw it coming on and tried to take him out.... not the best idea... there was a trail. Oh so sorry, but you should put it on a little frame of some sorts.

  4. Oh. MY! How very horrible, only your post is quite funny :) They do keep a mom humble, don't they! And, we all DID know you should write a book/a blog! :)

  5. Oh how delightful. How many apologies did you make on the way out? That is always the worst part of it for me. "He didn't act like he was sick. Really, he didn't. I had no idea." Ha.

  6. What an appropriate fortune!
    Sorry about T boy - that's always embarrassing! (it's happened to us too but thankfully we were in the party room at Perkins and no other group was in there!)

  7. I have always known you could write a book!
    Hope T-boy is better now, I always feel better after I throw up!!!
    P.S.Remember PTIYB stands for "Put THAT in your book" as Dad always says.

  8. That is NO coincidence...you should...you just might! :-) Frame it for sure...it will keep you inspired.

    Sorry about T-boy..nothing like that to bring you right back to earth. Hope he feels better soon!


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