Babies Don't Keep

Dear Reader,
The Prince of the Paci is getting bigger. He sleeps less and has started to notice when I leave the room or when strangers are holding him. This means, you guessed it, more crying.
From Pip. Not me. Silly!
[sniffle] Ahem, I just got something in my eye. [blink, blink]

 Now and then, Okay, rather often, I have caught myself thinking,
"Why won't he just go to sleep so I can get something done?"

"Why is he being so clingy?"

"Why am I the only one who seems to be able to keep him happy for five whole minutes?"

"Good gravy! Why is he so cute?"

And with that, I remember.
Remember how fast this stage passes.
Remember how little it matters that my house isn't clean.
Remember how much I wanted this baby boy.

I remember my mother's voice quoting the poem that includes this line,
"So quiet now, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep."
So we rock.
Because he's a keeper.
Because I keep remembering how special it is to be in these moments.
Because he's not going to keep.
That said, he does keep needing clean clothes and diapers. He does keep needing his bath. And I keep needing a nap.

A Tired Mommy in NE


  1. Is that a CLOTH DIAPER I see?!?!

  2. I want to hold him!
    Can't wait for our little weekend getaway.....so I can catch up on my Papa duties!
    Papa Key

  3. It is SO true...I look back and CAN'T believe how fast the time went. I only have one that still wants to cuddle(don't let anyone know but my 11 year old will still hold my hand..our secret). Enjoy my friend!

  4. Aw so true. I have my little bit of fluff in my arms right now as that seems to be her place of contentment.

  5. Yeah, I just 'got-somthin'-in-my-eye-just-now' too.
    It is like these little fleeting moments in time I would like to go back to every now and then....
    "...to hold them just a moment more, before they swoop like eagles through my door..."

    So I will say it again: Treasure those little moments, like you are, you will never be sorry you did.

  6. ohhh...how did I miss this post?? Maybe because I NEEDED to see this today. Lia has been extra cranky/ clingy last night and today. I have wanted to pull my hair out as there are a thousand other things I need to be doing besides just holding her. It's so true though, babies don't keep. And that cranberry salsa I want to make can be done later tonight. ;) 'Scuse me wile I go get a tissue to get this something out of my eye now.

  7. whatever is getting in everyone elses eyes, is in mine now too!

    i remember the sleepless-baby-nights.. wanting them to be over, yet not wanting my baby to grow older. i wish i could figure out how to pause life, to savor these moments. But all I can do is live more IN the moment!

  8. Dear Nish,
    Yeppers, we're all cloth now and loving it. Is it sane to say love and diaper in the same sentence? :)Oh well, sanity isn't something I'm often accused of anyway.
    Love, Rae

  9. Hmmm... I noticed the cloth diapers, too. And you like them you say? I might just have to try this route next time. IF (and that's a big IF) there's a next time. Love that poem of your mothers, by the way.


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