Baby Boomer

Dear Friends,
I carried this child for nine months. I gained _____ pounds and lost sight of my toes.

I struggled to bring him into the world.

For this.

Reasons to Have a Baby #387:
So your older children can play 'Baby-Bumper-Cars'.

All together now,

Dashing through the house,
On a rigged-up sort-of sleigh.

Over toys we go,
Pip's laughing all the way. (hahaha)

Bee & T-boy's happy squeals
make mama's head feel light.
Oh, what fun it is to play
Baby-Bumper-Cars tonight. Ohhhhhhhh!

Baby-- *BOOM*


It's all fun and games 'til someone gets hurt.

The Prairie Hen


  1. do I hear your gr'pa Key's voice out of the past?

  2. Ah cute! but did he really go boom? ;)

  3. LOL I remember my dad teaching us to run our faces around on the carpet....it would make our hair static and then it would stand straight up. I got several rug burns on my nose from doing this and the best one happened RIGHT b4 school pix. COOL battle scars.
    Believe me this is likely one of the more tame things they will do!.....just wait!!
    Oh well that's what you get for being so creative yourself.
    Creative + kids = monsters!! MUUUUUHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHAAAA

  4. Ahhhh, the things we let our kids do that often gets them hurt, I bet they remember how much fun they had and not the bumps.

  5. You have a ways to go til Baby #387... you don't have time to blog.

    Oh, yes, the tighter the giggles are wound up on fun, the more disastrous the boom. They do look like they're having a great time!

  6. Do you ever wonder if the real reason we had kids was because of the free entertainment?

    Love the first picture...my husband and I never got one of those photos. Maybe we should try it one more time...just for the picture! OK...not a good reason...I will stick with 4.

  7. Jax and Lil' SisNovember 20, 2009 at 10:34 AM

    we wanna play too...

  8. Oh that is too great! My boys were pulling the youngest on a blanket tonight. Great pics of great times... and then someone always gets hurt..kids!

  9. Well, that seems like a good enough reason to me.


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