Dreams Of The Country (Part I)

Dear Reader,

I had a dream we were living in the country.

My boy had enough room to run and play.

Problems with traffic, neighbors and strangers were distant worries.

The sun was shining and a gentle Autumn breeze rustled the dry leaves. 

I opened my eyes and realized it wasn't a dream after all.

 There was my son.

He was joyfully pushing a silent lawn mower around the yard.

His face intent on his chosen chore. His legs showing the effort of his activity.

I long for the day this dream can be a reality for more than a couple weeks at Nana's.

 I hope it happens while this boy is still small and easily caught up in the simple wonders of country life.

Gimme forty acres to turn this boy around.



  1. AMEN! Grandpa Glenn always said that boys need to live in the country!

  2. What a great boy!

  3. Even 5 acres is enough, although 40 would be better.

  4. I have those dreams, too. For now, though, they just get a few days or a week or two at Grandpa & Grandma's farm here and there. They LOVE it.

  5. I think that would be a dream for being of us...thank goodness for Grandparents that make it a reality...if even for a short time.

  6. This may be my favorite post ever.

    I think that's a dream all parents have... wide open spaces for their kids to roam. Our friends who have three teens and two toddlers have said "We're moving to the country for this next batch of kids."

    But you know, I know some good kids who have been raised in town.

    Their mothers however... are in strait jackets and mumble nursery rhyme lyrics to the beat of their wooden rockers.

  7. and in our crazy twisted world sometimes there ARE kids who, being raised in the country don't see it's incredible value then, and can't wait to get to town....or theBIGcity!! Then down the road, they often long for it...hmhmmmmsounds like somebodys idea for a country song eh?

    We do LOVE having your kiddleywinks every chance we can here.....(hint:Tell Mr Loggerhead to please don't decide to move too far away) ;!

  8. p.s.
    I must add that so far, this "batch" of kiddos really do love the country, and usually feel sorry for kids who have to live in town. I am also remembering a certain one (West) who was horrified when he was in downtown NYC for the first time years ago and saw that kid come out of one of those street-front apartments bouncing a ball......he said he did not think he could get out of the BIGcity fast enough...and then when they hit PA and saw all the endless trees he decided he could breath easy again. He talked about that kid for several years feeling sorry for him (the kid likely never even felt a twinge seeings how to this day he may have never left the BIGcity even once)


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