The Active Octavian Duo

Dear Reader,
It starts as a solo.

But soon it's a duet. It lacks harmony some of the time.
But then, that's life. Isn't it?

Mamamia, Mamamia, Mamamia, Figaro!

Everybody give it up for the amazing, the one and only, the truly extraordinary, Active Octavian Duo.
My children are so talented. They can 'play' the piano while standing on a rocking-chair, missing half their clothes, without dropping the lid on each other's heads or fingers, all the while, fighting over who's song is better (read: louder).
I'm so proud.

Raimie Lu


  1. ahh, music to your ears no doubt.

  2. *clapping* Bravo! Bravo! (Love the little gal's skirt, by the way.)

  3. I love piano!
    Keep it up you guys and you will be as good as your auntie Kit-Kat when you get bigger...(tall-wise that is) ;)
    Auntie Kit-Kat


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