Honey, We're Home!

Dear Reader,

Yesterday the shout came,
"Mom and Dad are home!!!"
There was a scramble and a scuffle to get out the door first.

Legs raced across the yard.

There was shouts, and laughter

and lots of hugs.

My parents seemed glad to be home.

And in that instant my sibs seemed to forget all my yelling-more-then-mom, not-cooking-just-like-mom, mom-keeps-the-house-cleaner-than-this, mom-doesn't-make-us-do-thats, and the general fact that I'm just not as good as my mother at being their mother. 

For my part, I was so happy to be off-duty I started spilling poetry...

So our mother came home
and she said to the crew,
"Did you have any fun?
Tell me. How did you do?"

The kids and I did not know
what to say.
Should we tell her
the things that went on here those days?

They opened their mouths
and I waited to hear
what stories they'd tell
but I wasted my fear.

"We missed you"
they said, "We're glad you are back.
Our sister did great!"
They mentioned no lack.

Now, I'm headed home
to my Loggerhead honey
Life is quite nice
and rather funny.

hmmmm... Name that book.

Almost-home-again Rae

P.S. They came home bearing gifts: Vermont maple syrup, a cute, Cute, CUTE cake pan, a t-shirt... and right about the time they handed over the Red Velvet Cupcake mix from Williams and Sonoma, in a cool retro container, I forgot all the downsides of the last two weeks... Hardtimes-Shmardtimes! When are you leaving again?


  1. I'm sad your 'house sitting' saga is over! :) I've enjoyed reading about it. :D
    Good old Cat in the Hat. :)
    Keep blogging... you are a wonderful writer.... as you've always been!

  2. Wonderful! you did awesome, I could totally picture the scene! Maybe just give you a wee bit of time to "recover" tho, eh?! Or, maybe time for your husband to forget how much he missed you being home?!

  3. The cat in the hat comment was from Shelley, last time I posted a comment it automatically used my blog name now it isn't, I don't know why.

  4. Shelley, it depends on if you are loggged in to blogger or not. :)

  5. Don't be surprised if "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" followed you home... your kids are going to miss having all the extra attention. :) Glad it went well for you...

  6. guess you wern't too worried about "thing 1 and thing 2" unless they were one of the too many cats around here....eh?

    The kids (esp Kit-Kat) are missing you already! What does THAT tell you?

  7. I LOVE IT. What more can I say? I think you should write a book. smile. Gma Cilla

  8. silly! you have alot of gumption!


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