Coop 'N Yard: Chocolate Cheer (Contest) Winner

Dear Friends,

Your entries for the Choco-photo contest were perfect therapy for my woozy head. Laughter really is the best medicine. I had trouble choosing my favorite and even contemplated sending chocolate to everyone who entered. But then I remembered how I felt when my sister and I had drawing contests and my mom would refuse to say which picture was better. She would say things like, This one is the best for 'Imaginative use of color' and this one wins for 'Best abstract'. I understand the motive behind her actions. But it's in our natures to want to know who is best, isn't it? Sigh, I'm thinking. Give me a minute. Okay, here it is -

It's Hip To Be Pip. By Lynisha
I have great admiration for a girl who can still think with all that sinus pressure. I can't even think when a breeze is blowing by, or a fly is buzzing in my ear or when the scent of fresh baked hot and crusty french bread is wafting out of my kitchen...
Uh-oh, the hunger beast has struck! Hmmmm... You just may *munch* never get your *slurp* chocolate.


  1. LOL!! Chocolate is the best medicine anyway!

    Great job Nish!

  2. good morning.....
    and Yay for Nish! that was our vote for the best too.
    Send that girl her 'meds'.

  3. that was a great caption; I knew it would be the one! better than anything I thought of. pretty good for someone with a stuffy head! ;p

  4. Woohoo!!!
    I KNOW I'm not in any danger of loosing my chocolate to you, but you could stick a slice of that french bread in with it! :)


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