Landon's in the HOUSE!

I kidnapped my brother.

OK, maybe that's a bit dramatic, in reality I gently, thoughtfully and prayerfully negotiated his coming to live with us for a while. It works for many reasons, the top two being, he's here to help me now that Mr. Loggerhead is gone so much and it's much easier for me to help with his schooling with him here full-time. Everybody is happy... well, except my mom does miss him

Maybe it was kidnapping.

{thank you mom}

I'm thankful for somebody to watch a late-night movie with me when I can't sleep while Mr. Loggerhead is gone and our sense of humor and loud bursts of laughter and singing are surely enough to make the neighbors cringe. I try not to preach and to be a good listener, he tries to be a help around the house and to listen for when I'm serious.

He's a great brother.

I don't know a lot of sixteen year old boys but I'm glad this one is so good with kids. What a relief to leave my babies in good hands while I go grab some mommy-time in the form of a quick workout or coffee with a friend. I get tickled watching him make each kid feel special, playing chess with Bee and making her the 'oldest helper', pouring over skateboard supply catalogs with Tboy and taking him out to play ball, teaching Pip funny sayings and showing him skateboarding tricks to try.

He's a pretty awesome uncle.

That's not to say it always goes perfectly, we are all human around here. We are working to find the right place between uncle/brother/brother/friend/son. There are a few growing pains, finding the right bedroom arrangement and adjusting our schedule and lifestyle to include another person on a regular basis. And it's way different than having a new baby. In some ways it's more fun, he's a lot more interactive than an infant... but when I come across his dirty, smelly socks, I miss that sweet baby smell. [tongue stuck out]

Overall it's been a blessing for our family in many ways and more people means more love.
Funny, cool, great, awesome, pied piper, helpful, human, good company...

{what happens when your niece convinces you to play 'princess chess'}

That guy is something else.

Thankful Sis in NE


  1. Anybody has to be a good guy who is willing to wear a net parasol when playing with his niece.

    Plus, he's enormous!! He's about twice as tall as me, but I don't know if that makes him a good guy! :)

  2. I love checking up on your blog in my downtime at work, seems like you guys arent truly hours away. Love you!!

    PS. she looks more like shes playing "hippie chess"


  3. its great!!! hugs all around from me!!!
    love you, auntie cyndie

  4. Now that is the meaning of family! Being there for each other, and wearing beautiful blue parasol's on your head. You got something pretty special right there!

  5. Adorably memorable and fashionable treasures! True fellas blend, bless and mesh! Happy humble happenings :)

  6. Ahhh...brothers, what would we ever do without them! I wouldn't want to be without mine I tell ya! It looks/sounds like it's been a great thing for everyone for you to get to have Landon wiht you for now. Kudos to all of you! I agree with Dee - it does look more like Hippie Chess than Princess Chess though. ;) Big huge hugs!

  7. dear Game for Adventure,

    Life is a daring adventure....and you have just voluntarily taken on an added twist! Ha! yes, we miss him around here when he is over there....glad it isn't far anyway.

    That chess-game looks serious despite the costumes.

    all the ones involved

  8. hope you enjoy your time together immensely!!! he has a gorgeous smile and just radiates creativity and joy--- just like his big sis! I will say a prayer for your mama-- she must be missing him TERRIBLY!!!


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