I hate this diet!

This is not a health blog and I do not pretend to have any nutritional expertise. To be frank, I recoil at the thought of telling other people what to eat or what not to eat. Dieting has never been my specialty.

But dietary changes are being forced upon me by recent developments and you know I'm all about sharing where our life-journey is taking us. So on I dredge into uncharted waters.

Our middle child has been suffering increasingly worrisome symptoms over the last year or so. We had him tested medically and got no results. I won't bore you with the tales of those office-visit-adventures. Suffice it to say, that I do really love and respect our doctor but I do not agree that this is 'just a phase'.

His symptoms are varied and rather hard to list decisively. Again, I won't bore you, a lot of it is based on a deep mama-gut-feeling that there is something off about his health and behavior.

So we've taken a bit of a side-trail and are exploring how his diet is effecting him. Turns out most of his issues are tied to things he eats. The major culprits are grains of all types, legumes, dairy and sugars (especially artificial and HFCS), artificial flavors, dyes and chemicals used in food processing.

That's pretty HUGE.
Those things were a big part of our diet.
It pretty much eliminates processed foods and eating out.

After a lot of research and reading late into the night, we are trying the Paleo Solution. This is mostly because it falls in line with the things we need to cut out for Tboy. The fact that there is a lot of resources and recipes already available for this nutrition regime is an invaluable perk in this otherwise daunting process.

So we are learning a new way to eat.
It is not always fun.
Sometimes I hate it.
I experiment and sometimes it's great...
sometimes not so much.

For the most part Tboy has taken the changes in a stride because he feels so much better when he doesn't eat those things and he knows how they make him feel. Pip deals with it because he's little and has hardly had time to make rock-solid opinions about food.

The hard part is this other child.
She hates it, really, really hates it. And I hate fighting about food

We decided early on that making more than one set of meals or letting one kid eat the 'no-no's' in front of the child on restriction wasn't going to work for our family. We'd all make the sacrifice and probably be healthier for it in the end anyway.

The Paleo life really is a very healthy way to eat/live.
It just hasn't been very fun so far.

My new ambition is to work on ways to make this lifestyle more fun, make it exciting, put a creative spin on it.
That inspiration helps when temptation sets in.

Somehow we're gonna learn to love this thing.
Somehow we're gonna make Paleo pretty.

And then maybe, just maybe...

Diet Diva in NE  

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  1. My son was on the Feingold Diet eliminating artificial (and some natural) salicylates. Dyes, preservatives, and flavorings were things he had to avoid. Good luck!

  2. You might want to check my cousin's blog: www.napclan.com She's a great paleo/ whole 30 / kid friendly reference. Hope it helps!

  3. I think our friend Becky's first daughter was sensitive to all those kinds of things, at least as a child. I wonder what they did. I firmly believe, the less processed food you eat the better, but what about fruit?

  4. I see the fruit on the plate! I've quit eating most sugary things and watching my processed foods,and I've lost a lot of weight. Where I get stuck is the pasta issue, I try to buy the better pasta, and not eat much.

  5. OH MY! Food is always such an issue for us and we don't even have restrictions!I agree that you need to embrace the change as a family and it would be so unfair for everyone to eat no-no's in front of poor T who can't. But I can't even imagine the struggles and arguments that must happen. Keep it up though! You are making healthy and informed decisions that will benefit all of you and keep you healthier. I have a few friends who do paleo and while it can be a struggle for them (and they are adults!) they feel great, have lost weight, and are way healthier for it. hang in there girl!


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