Face time

Dear Friends,
Sometimes I catch myself feeling guilty for leaving blank spots in my blogging history. I feel sad that I miss posts from my favorite bloggers and blogging friends. I regret not taking time to leave detailed comments on the posts that touch my heart. I note my sporadic presence on Facebook. I think absently about treating myself to a veg-out session with a movie that doesn't involve a toddler-appropriate storyline and garish cartoon characters.

But it's all about face-time vs. screen-time.

How much time am I willing to dedicate to my face being aimed at an electronic screen?
How much am I willing to tune out what's going on around me in order to focus on the enthralling power of blinking lights, stunning imagery and intriguing information that is constantly being put out of these techno-devices?

And I find myself limiting my screen time because when I examine myself I find that I love the technology of the Internet, I love blogging, I love Facebook, I love connecting to friends and faces on the screen...

But how could I miss out on this?
This face-time is most precious and it's fleeting fast.
And the truth is, I love this more.
Which is only right.

So when I am missing from here for a while you can be confidant that I am in a happy place, face to face with something very important to me...

But you can also be sure that I will be back in your face, screen to screen very soon...

Because sometimes I get tired of facing the laundry and I am close to an identity crisis in which I feel myself slowly turning into a house-hold appliance. And I need to write about my life and express something of the woman that I am to somebody other than the 2 year old and the dishwasher. I need the reality of standing before you in all my less-than-perfect glory and being acknowledged as a person as well as a mother. I need to see your faces and feel comforted by your friendships and our commonality.

These things help me face my life with greater joy and edge me a tad closer to sanity. They help me to love those little faces in my house with more presence of mind.

So today, on my favorite day of the week, I am thankful for face-time and screen-time and pray for the wisdom to find a good (enough) balance between both.

The Face Behind The Feathers, in NE


  1. I love reading your blog! I have to say that I think you have some great insight, and I like this one in particular! Time for me to sign off and go spend some face time instead of facebook with my little ones too! :D

  2. Love these pictures, Ramie! Would you mind if I used some of these for the autistic student I'm working with? We are working on emotions.....awesome pictures for that! These pictures are FULL of emotions! :)

  3. my dear precious 'niece':
    thank you so much for your refreshing insight!!! for your honesty & your perspective. for just being you & keeping first things first. I love you :)


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