Counting the days

Dear Friends,
Anticipation is a key element of happiness. Looking forward to things helps to brighten our days and give us a positive outlook. 
But what happens when counting the days makes us realize how fast the days are going?

Side note: if you have ever seen the movie 'The Gods Must Be Crazy" you will understand why I got the giggles so badly when I saw Pip walking down Nana's driveway with West's blow-dart-gun under his arm and why I titled these pictures 'Little Aboriginy'.'
I look at this little boy and realize the days are numbered until he is truly a preschooler instead of a toddler.  I find myself savoring his little person and aching with the unwilling anticipation of his growth.

And yet, I am so proud of him. I laugh the loudest when his rapidly increasing vocabulary includes hilarious variety. He stuns me with the sudden leaps he makes in understanding and capability.

I see the person he is becoming rushing toward me and I love the signs.

I want to help him learn to take smart steps on the path of life.
We are counting the days until school is out.
That means my boy will be done with kindergarten. 

It will mean this school year with it's challenges and relative victories are over. The kids are excited for Summer vacation. The notes come home from school regarding available activities for Summer. I see the days filling already. I fear we will soon be counting the days until the next school year.

That is the thing about reaching the point of anticipation... as soon as it is reached we begin to anticipate the next thing.

Part of me is sad about that, the same part that is so aware of the lightening speed of time.

When we are little we count the days until our birthdays. I've often wondered when is the exact year when we go from counting with excitement to counting with dread. 

We anticipate the occasions that bring us together. We celebrate the time itself and then make happy plans for the next together-time.   

So we are happy in our anticipation. The sweetness of expectation keeps us looking forward with joy for each new day. Counting our days makes our days count.

Even if we can't quite reach tomorrow. No matter how we aim for tomorrow it always becomes today.

So hope for your tomorrows and savor your todays.


  1. ***SIGH****
    the days just fly...then the weeks just FLY...now the months are speeding past!!! how did next week get to be the first of MAY!?!?!?!!

  2. No kidding--I wake up on Monday, blink and it's Friday!

  3. Could I simply "ditto" this post?


  4. Love that last thought... there is so much savoring to be done if we only hold a moment long enough.


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