The Prince and the Pea

Our dog is sulking. 

I understand the feeling.
It's not really about a pea under your stack of mattresses.
It's more of a small stone in the pit of your stomach that reminds your that your beloved is not home.
It makes your sleep less comfortable.

We've been coping pretty well with Mr. Loggerhead traveling so much for work.
Most days are pretty decent.

But sometimes we sulk.
That's what makes us true princesses...err... prince in our dog's case.

The Prairie Hen


  1. Here's a big hug to a wife/mother from another whose husband travels for work. Yep, some days are sulk-worthy, but I try to keep in mind he's doing what he can to provide for those he loves, and make the most of the days he's home.

  2. I wondered if Mr. Loggerhead was still traveling some. I understand the feeling of it all just being a little off! You both are doing a great job filling the place you are in. Loves and hugs to you!!!


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