Oh Brother! It's New Years!

There are five of them.
5 brothers.

And they were all home for New Years.

They are a good bunch.
Hairy and boisterous.
But good.

Here are all of us.
The whole lot.
The men.

The kiddos.

And the ladies.

And we are almost evenly matched boys to girls... because those boys voluntarily added a gaggle of females to their tribe through marriage or birth.

* * *
The weekend was lovely.

A blur of kids playing together...

Sometimes they were quiet... other times, not so much.

I went about my merry way catching them all with my camera.

And getting heaps of gratitude for my efforts.


One of my nephews had a birthday and his mommy made him a darling train cake with 8 cars - one for each year.
Wish I knew what "wonderful" male wisdom was being shared here...
Or maybe I don't!

And of course there was a lot of eating.

This man was most often manning the kitchen.
He makes me smile extra when he cooks.

But a good amount of the time I was clucking over my baby-girl niece.

She has grown so much and is such a little dollykins and I can't help but think about how sweet my own Bee was at that age.

Oh, Sweet little monkey-girl! How we all love you!

We "sisters" played a game of aggravation.

Which is kinda funny in itself... I am fortunate enough to have three sisters-in-law that are anything but aggravating to me!

They even let me win.

But then I already knew I was a winner...

I had him to kiss me as the clock signaled the beginning of a new year.
And I couldn't be luckier.

The Prairie Hen in NE


  1. Oh yay! I can comment today!! I have to admit, this post made me a bit teary eyed and snorting with laughter at nearly the same time! I remember when those 5 men were little barefoot munchkins. I remember when there were only wishes for a girl in the mix...
    and oh my--I was looking for the youngest one, who has disappeared into one of the "hairy mix"!!!!
    Great pictures Raimie!

  2. What a great documentary of what must have been some wonderfully fun days together. What a totally amazing and FUN cake!!!

  3. dear Lucky girl,

    Yes, you really did marry into a wonderful family. Sure glad to see the "girl-numbers" are evened out....thanks for doing your part in that!

    A Full House


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