Where I am...

Dear Friends,
Blogging is like taking a trip.

In the beginning, I mapped it out, made lists of what I wanted to pack into it and do while I was there.

I got excited... up early because I couldn't sleep for thinking about it.

Got checked in.

Took my family along because they are so much of my life.

Traveled through time and space into another dimension. Blogging.

I met the the pilot, Blogger, and trusted that I was in safe hands.

Found my spot. Always beside him.

Read the instructions. If the thing goes down... get out!!!

Got more excited.

Met my fellow travelers and started conversations.

Loved the take-off rush!

Saw beautiful places that weren't my own destination but took my breath away.

Squinted to see the beauty through the scattered clouds.

Shared what I saw from my own spot with those who couldn't see.

Wondered about my sanity in choosing this route.
Wondered if I was up for it.

Looked at the big picture and wondered where blogging fit into it all.
Wondered where I fit into it all.

Thought about my life before...
Thought about my life after...

The light came on!
I breathed easier.

The blog settled into a slower pace, an easier pattern.

Some things came along that I didn't expect... good (amazing views, interesting characters, emotional moments,  intriguing lessons) and bad (bites, burns, troubles with tight schedules and delays, getting lost occasionaly).

I even get tired of it sometimes.

But I know I am in the right place.


I see familiar faces... we run and hug...

I love my blogging friends. The faces in their pictures and words. The hugs we share through comments and posts...
I love the little break blogging gives me from the bustle of life.

It helps me breath a little easier, the sun shines a little brighter because of the relationships I have here in blogland...

I miss it when I am away...
Yet I can't stay here in the blogosphere all the time.
Life goes on outside my computer.

But I like taking mini vacations to visit you and show you where I've been.

Thank you for meeting me on my arrival.

I am HERE.

A Real Trip in NE

P.S. Puerto Rico is fabulous! Glad you could come along!


  1. Ohhh! I can't wait to hear/see more!

  2. Enjoyed the time "along" to PR through your blogging talents and creativity. We all expect there to be more though...this is just the appetizer. Right?

  3. dear On The Trip,

    A great way to sum up both! Missing those little grand-lings o mine. What a wonderful time for all of you. Just tickled that you got to go, and thinking how much it must mean to that sweet family there!

    at KeoniCountry

  4. Dear Auntie,
    are you tired of PR yet? ;)

    Dear Renee,
    Not talented, just real.
    How about you? Are you full up of PR?

    Dear Mom,
    We missed you tons!

    The Prairie Hen in NE


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