She's The BEST... Seriously!

Dear Friends,
I have the best mom in the whole wide World... period.

Yes, I am biased.
Yes, I have never had another mom to compare her with.

But seriously! She's the best.

And today she is 50.
I talked to her yesterday on the phone... to see how she was coping... When she seemed all chirpy and normal I gently reminded her that it was the last day of her 40's (that's what daughter's are for-- a good pie in the face moment now and then)... she just laughed and said, "I guess it is! I hadn't really thought about it!"

Then she went on to tell me what was up around Keoni, how the sibs were doing, where dad is and so forth.

One thing that I love about my mom is her selflessness. She's so good and kind to everyone. She makes them feel good about themselves and she doesn't even realize she is doing it! 

And something about that type of living makes it no big drama to her that she's getting older. She's still a mother, being a mom, she's still a wife loving her man, she's still a friend, sister, daughter doing what she does best... being HER.

I love that about her.

She will doubtless be appalled and embarrassed at my unabashed outpouring of praise and admiration... but around here, I try to tell it like it really is.

She's my hero-- ahem, Heroine.
(gag all you want but it's the truth)

Truth be told, I cringe on the inside when people site the likenesses between she and I.
Not for all the normal reasons daughters often feel that way.

I would love nothing more than to be more like her.
I cringe because I feel so often that I am not nearly as like her as I could be.

I could be better at putting aside personal ambitions and interests and throwing my ultimate all into being the best mother possible.

I could be better at forgetting "me" and focusing on "you".

I would be a lot less caught up in my recent onslaught of gray hairs if I was busy being wrapped up in seeing all the joy and blessing of every day I have lived so far.

I could be kinder, truer and more graceful.

And guess what?
I am still alive and so is she.

So I better get busy learning all I can from her.
Because in 23 years, 6 months and 14 days when I turn 50 (and she's 73) I'd like people to say, "She reminds me so much of her mother when she was her age."

I love you, Mom.
and for the record, no matter what you say, every word I said was true.

Happy Mother's Day and Happy 50th Birthday!
I look forward to spending at least 50 more years admiring and loving you for all you are to Mr. Loggerhead, the turkeys, and me.

All She Taught 'er Daughter in NE

P.S. The pictures in the card above... Left to right;
A: 1985-- Mom and I  when I was a baby in Alaska,
B: Mother's Day 2009-- Mama and my babies,
C: August 30, 2003-- Mom helping me get ready on my wedding day.


  1. Awwww... this is sweet. Happy Birthday to your pretty momma! :)

  2. What a beautiful page, a beautiful post, A beautiful Mother you have, inside and out--and I am so lucky to claim her as my sister!!
    A 50th birthday deserves many greetings, so here's another to add to the ones I've already gave.


  3. This post says it SO well!

    Happy Birthday to my Dear Auntie Gay!!! <3

  4. I can't add anything to it, it is all so true.

    Such a thoughtful daughter to realize it.

  5. Beautiful, Raimie! All I can add is that I've often wished I could be all she's been as a friend, always remembering birthdays & anniversaries with special hand-written notes. Somehow she hasn't given up on me with my haphazard communication skills, and she hasn't erased my address from her book yet! A special lady, indeed.

  6. Oh my word...EVERY.SINGLE. last word of this post is true. Your mom is the most loveliest of ladies, and in the brief time I was around her inspired me to be a better person. Just reading this made me miss her so...she has touched many lives in her short 50 years. Happy Birthday Gay!!!

  7. A beautiful tribute to your Mom!

  8. Beautiful sentiments, and yes, you have a beautiful mom, inside and out. Wish I knew her outside of blogland.

  9. What a NICE blog about your mother! I think it's so wonderful to "hear" daughters talk about their mothers in this way! I thought I had the best mom in the world, however she's been gone from the scene of time for 18 years now, but I know others have the "best mom" too! I always feel that if I could be HALF as good as my mother was, I'd really be a good mom! My mother was 42 years older than I was, but there was no generation gap! Thanks for writing this and reminding me how wonderful mothers can be! I don't take the time very often to visit your blog, but I do enjoy it whenever it do! Thanks once again, and I know you have a wonderful mother!

  10. yes, true. all of it.

    <3 brandiekins


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