Why The World Needs Professional Photographers...

Dear Friends,
Sometimes it is just a good idea to leave things to a professional...
Like plumbing... brain surgery... and taking our family picture. Those sorts of things.

Think about it this way:
  • I have a camera remote.
  • I have a tri-pod.
  • I have a basic knowledge of how my camera works.
  • I know what I like.
  • I take a lot of pictures.
  • I kinda know how to use photoshop.
That does not make me a professional.
Most of the time it just makes me tired running back and forth from the camera to the photo-spot.

It seems like lately my family self-portrait sessions often end up being minor feats of acrobatics.

I'm not that limber.

Does that mean that we should rush out and fork-over large amounts of money every couple months for a "pro" and a new batch of breathtaking pictures of our flock?

Probably not.
Remember, everything has it's season.
And the season to let someone else behind the camera while we focused only on wrangling our three wiggly turkeys was upon us.


Our friend Eric is on his way to being a professional photographer.
And he is good.

Here are a few of my favorites amongst his shots of us.

And guess what?
It was he and April's idea to do this whole family-photo swap in the first place...
Poor things, they didn't know what they were in for!

I don't know how we'll trick him into taking our family pictures next year!

Who takes your family pictures? Does your flock behave? Or is it like pulling teeth? Go ahead, entertain me with your photography session stories! Romantic? Horrific?... I'm game!

Limber Lack in NE

P.S. Here are a few that I snapped along the way of my little brood. They make me happy...



  1. These all look great! I love the first one.

  2. Great pictures! I think your photo swap was such a fun idea & good success!
    Ours....that gives me a headache to even think about. You know I've been one of "those"....insisting on family pictures of us every year. Very few professional ones mixed in tho.
    My headaches usually were from the at least ONE family member that some how missed or ignored the message to be AT a certain place AT a certain time!!
    Of course then there's always the times that the very obliging kind person that offered to be photographer didn't really know what they were doing, and we have mostly blurry or minus limbs---etc, you know the story. Sigh!!
    There's one thing about it, when you take them yourself, you can't ever blame someone else!

  3. I too thought this was a great idea! Funny how no one has asked me to photo swap with them. Weird! Eric got some great pictures of your little brood. We need to do a family picture SO bad. I should have enlisted you while you were here. ;-)

  4. Thanks for being so kind! I'm still learning...

    It's very humbling to share raw files in all their flawed glory... But really cool to see which photos people like, and their edits. You did some photo-save magic with your edits :)


  5. these are beyond precious...Eric did a fine job. I know another family I wish he could get some photos of ;) the swap idea was amarvleous one & I'd say you both benefitted tremendously! love your little family, 'auntie' cyndie

  6. dear Happy Hen,
    These make ME happy too!
    You would know pretty much as well as me all our "family~photo~session" stories. (A fair share of them in the last few years were done by you) You could do a post or two on them! Although, it may or may not involve certain family members dying of embarrassment....heh heh heh!
    All of them. (Prof. AND Non-Prof.)

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  8. Well, for what it's worth... you're awful close yourself, but I can totally relate with how you're feeling. If I had more time, I would love to get more serious about it. But some people just have an "eye" for things. Like my sister. I love all of these, but those family ones at the top are pretty sweet. Great job to your aspiring photographer!

  9. These are all so fun, Raimie. I love the family shots and the ones of you and LH are really good. Nice to have someone to swap with!

  10. Considering we have two very uncooperative people in our group, one because he's two and the other just because, our family pictures which I try to get SOMEONE to take SOMETIME during the year, are usually either a good day, or used to keep the mice away. Guess I better to a bad photo family blog post.


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