Why I Am NOT a Professional Photographer

Dear Friends,
It's photo-shoots like this one that remind me why, for me, photography is just a hobby.

 This is way too fun to be work!

I need no pay but the pure joy of it.

And when it's not fun anymore...
We can throw things!

Thanks Eric & April for suggesting a family photo-swap,
I think we got the better end of the deal!

Coming next: Pictures of us the same day...

Click-click Chick


  1. We used to meet with Eric's parents when we lived in IA.. (we met E & A there too- not that they'd remember us.. except the crazy family with 4 kids!)
    great, great shots!!

  2. GREAT pictures!!! A photo swap is a great idea... we'll have to try that sometime!

    (and you only say that Joy is enough payment because you haven't had to deal with nasty, cranky, UNREASONABLE clients! hehehe! :) )

  3. Ha! @Nish... THAT would be why I only take pictures of my friends and family... they are never nasty and hardly ever cranky or unreasonable! ;) SO much less pressure when you aren't "working".

    The only pressure here was that Eric is a lot more learned about photography and is working toward a business of his own... he can out-distance me on my best day... but I did my best, picked his brain incessantly on photo-stuff I was wondering about, and asked a million questions!
    And we had fun!

    Oh, and like you, GOTTA get caught up on Shutter Friends!!! Top of my to-do list... after some hot cocoa and reading to my kiddos... and... and... you know!

    SoOO Unprofessional in NE

  4. these are very fine photos dear niece...I bet Eric & April are delighted...can't wait to see yours!!! love you & your many talents...& thanks for the pictures you sent to us :)

  5. Great job! Here are a few of the shots I got, along with my edits on some of PH's files. It was lots of fun!



  6. And I forgot to mention, the first one is my absolute favorite! I would love a BIG gallery wrap of that hanging in my house! (if it were US, that is... otherwise it would just be weird!)

  7. You may not be a professional...but you are very good! I think you both came away with some fun family pictures.

  8. dear Non-Prof-PH-Photographer,

    Hey, these ARE lovely. I am sure the parents/grandparents/family/friends will be so pleased to get one besides E and A themselves.

    family pix

  9. Ok... when are you coming to visit? I'd be up for some swapping. You take the pictures and we'll provide the bed and breakfast. ;) Just kidding. Love these. My fave is the top one. LOVE it!


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