The Love (gravy) Boat

Dear Readers,
I love the moments like this. Hugging my little turkeys tight and snuggling their childish frames cozily into my ample lap is my favorite part of mothering. It lights an incredible warmth inside that spreads and effects my every move. It’s like floating in gravy; good gravy. A gravy delicate in texture and robust in flavor, one that is savory and sweet with a touch of zest and spice.

He is sweet, and soft and (mostly) smells good. His chattering, growing vocabulary is proof that the circle of life just keeps turning and continuing on.

Good gravy! I love this little guy!

(Because, of course, it always comes back to the gravy)

How could there be anything better than this? These breathtaking little moments…

Okay, emphasis on little.

Moment over.

I said, over.


Passing  Moments in Nebraska


  1. Every time I see his pictures lately I wonder "who"? Where did the BABY go!!

  2. I've thought the same thing as M about your baby... he's growing and changing right before our eyes. Enjoy those moments!


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