Looking Up

Dear Friends,
Things are looking up around here.

The sky is blue.

The few clouds only add to the beauty of the heavens.

The beauty of Autumn is everywhere

Summer is fading away just like it’s faithful fruits; the heat of the peppery sun stepping aside for the cooler notes of Fall.

The first Autumn leaves falling out of the trees; crisp and colorful, make me much happier than the first swimsuit run of Summer.

This season has produced a little Autumn fairy.

She flits about, the briskness of the air lending itself to the lightness of her feet.

There is a rhythm to the crackle of leaves beneath her dancing toes.

She is an impish thing, reincarnating what a wood nymph would surely look like.

Her willowy shape reminds me of a lively little tree, colorful phrases fall from her like so many leaves, her limbs are long and lithe and wave in the breeze with inherent grace.

I watch in awe.

She improves the way I look at things.

I am lying on the ground, enjoying a change of perspective.

My low-lying position attracts the short legs in the area. They seem to enjoy seeing me down on their level.

The baby finds a plushy seat on my stomach. I guess nine months in my womb gives him leave to park himself in the general vicinity on a regular basis.

Dune's legs are short too.

He comes running. Just what I need! Dog breath in my face!

And when the smallest members of our flock wander off on their own accord… Someone inevitably brings them back and plops them on me again.

I must look like a sofa. A plump, squashy, lumpy, comfy sofa covered with chrysanthemum-print fabric.
I guess there are worse things.

My vantage point has put me in a good mood.
Things are looking up, alright.
After rousing myself I feel enlightened.

And light-headed.

And look, a small token remaining after my momentary retirement in the yard.

The leaf.
Not that gray hair...

In All It’s Glory in NE


  1. This has been such gorgeous fall weather, I was out in it yesterday with Zane withOUT my camera. Late in the afternoon the light is beautiful and a whole bunch of other adjectives I can't think of but you probably thought of while you were lying there.

    And... welcome to the grayhead club, I was 25, which was before kids, hmmmm, but I earned all the rest!

  2. Love love love Fall! and this one has been glorious. I am going to plant some fall COLOR around here tho, we don't have anything that turns red or yellow!
    And did you see the gray hair before or after you took the picture? haha! maybe that one came from Jeffery & his recent bout with the hospital?? lol!


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