In the Light

My Dear Friend,
The thing about living with the curtains closed is that it’s dark. And problem is that in the dark it’s easy to get confused about where you are going. It’s easy to trip on things that should be familiar. It’s easy to loose yourself in the darkness.

I’ve always been just a little afraid of the dark. Well, actually afraid of what is in the dark, as my dad always says. Similarly, I don’t like swimming in dark, murky water where I can’t see what is underneath me, what is maybe swimming under me.

I mean you must be crazy to be okay with that!


I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes I forget to open the shades and let the light shine in. Often I let myself stumble about in the insufficient light not realizing I could easily alter my addled state.

(if you haven’t caught on,we aren’t talking about literal light and darkness here!)

But then there is days when I remember the importance of letting the light shine in.

Those are always good days.

Days full of love and learning.

Days worth reflecting on.

I appreciate the shape and the arrangement of the fixtures of my life.

There is a strong sense of clarity.

The light is warm, rich and ethereal.

Seeing things better helps change the way you hear things too.

It’s so much easier to understand the meaning of words when you can see the face behind them.

I understand my boy better in the light.

The light chases away the shadows of worries that swim below the surface.

The vague, unformed creatures that lurk in the darkness have fled far, far away.

We dance in the light.

Lightheaded in NE


  1. Awww, so sweet! The pictures are adorable.

    How is your hubby doing?

    If I win I'll send you something too!

  2. dear Lit up,
    Very nice post!
    First thing when it gets dark is CLOSE all the curtains...and then first thing when i come downstairs in the morning is OPEN them all up

    Light....leaving dark in it's place

  3. Dear on the bright side,
    This is such a cute post! I always love when you post pictures of your kids! O, and did I mention I LOVE YOUR BLOG? I guess you haven't heard that in a while! That's becuz I haven't been reading your blog unfortunatly... cuz Mom NEVER lets me on her laptop anymore! Ok... that's not one bit true but still!
    This kinda gave me a spiritual thought about Evil and Good. Light is always better than darkness and if ever we fall into the darkness, I hope God can help our eyes to adjust to the light again!
    Love the spiritual thoughts you post

  4. P.S.
    I had to be the 3rd person to comment cuz 3 is my lucky number!
    It's only fair...

  5. Hi Raimie,
    I, too, liked this post (yours are always good!), but I also have to comment on a comment! Your little sis seems to be very wise (about the good and evil/light and darkness----keep up the wise thinking little Kupkate!
    from the OLD HEN from SW MN!

  6. And once apon a time there was a little girl who told some sister friends that "When mommy closes the blinds then the darkness can't come in"! Years later one of them asked me if I remembered that!
    Love those reflection pictures! And I want the light shining in too!


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