I Thought As Much

Dear Friends,
As much as I love blogging…

As much therapy as I gain by writing…

As much as I love getting to know you through your comments and your own blogs…

As much as I am loving the little blog-iversary present my hubby bought me…

As many words I want to type on this new keyboard, with it’s perfect clicking, it’s back-lit keys.

As many pictures, thoughts and memories I have yet to share…

My life is not about my blog.
My blog is about my life.

So on this night as my children clamor for my attention…

I leave my computer, my self-assigned work on there is not done but the flow of our family carries me away and the words and inspiration so recently dancing in my mind fade out of focus as my little hooligans drag me laughingly out of my office cave.

 There is a nip of Autumn briskness in the air and that deserves notice. I salute the signs of the season by lighting a Spiced Apple Candle (fabulous) and breaking in a new sweatshirt.

There is sounds coming from the den that require investigation. Aha! Mr. Loggerhead is lighting the first fire of October. This is surely cause for celebration!

We break out the bratwurst.

A-roasting we will go.

It was as close to perfect as we get around here…

In other words: The children made a huge racket fighting over space in front of the fire. The parents made a larger racket trying to keep them from shoving each other into the fireplace. There was plenty of mess. There was a couple singed fingers.

Yep, pretty awesome.
And then…

There was marshmallows. I think I died.

And if the only typing that’s happening around here-- new keyboard or not -- is that which is pecked out over and around the wiggly little boy in my lap…

This is my life.

Because after all, this is what my life is about; it’s about rolling my chair away from the desk and rocking my baby to sleep.

Okay With That in Nebraska


  1. DEAR more than Okay,

    I am missing reading and commenting on several of my favorite blogs the last few weeks....yeah, it's that LIFE and LIVING thing (throw in a 3 week business-trip to New England) that's been taking my time....but i do look forward to some "idle" soon.

    LOVE your thoughts and perspective today!

    at HOME

  2. I love your "My life is not about my blog, my blog is about my life"!!

    and here's a funny for you...looking at those pictures of L--I thought "wow, those boys are sure starting to look alot alike".....

  3. I am saying "Ditto" to the same line Maxine is. I learned this a little the hard way. I think I have gotten a tad bit better at keeping my blog in it's place. If I don't have a post done for the next day before my kids come home from school...I am out of luck. I don't always want them to think of me and remember seeing me sitted behind a computer. :-( Loved this post.

  4. sitted?!?! Really...ugh! I meant seated. ;-)

  5. Be careful or you might get some of that goey marshmallow on your keyboard - that would be my luck :)

  6. Yes! There is such a brief time in their lives when we can rock them-put that above all else. Your life looks so cozy...:)


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