Roll With It, Honey!

Dear Friends,
I had originally meant for these pictures to tell a funny story.
One about Bee-boppin' through life.

But yesterday was just one of those days.
The World felt like it was crashing in.
I was certainly not floating along on a blithely, blowing breeze.
Bee-boppin' along?
Not hardly.

So this post is taking a different tone.
And I'm just rolling with it.

It was six fifteen.

Traffic was rollin'.
We were truckin', Boys.
There was a party to go to, after all.

There was a song in my heart.

And a smile on my face.

On a roll.
Rock 'n roll.
My children's eyes roll


Fast forward to yesterday.
No song.
No smile.
Walls closing in.
No song.

But in Bible study last night I found my song again.
It started with three words:

I'm Thankful for...

I realized I could fill that blank with so many things.

The song  spilled out.
Life was good again.


So next time I'm feeling blue,
The next time it seems impossible to go on,

I'm gonna choose a cheerful tune.
I'm gonna add in the words of things I'm thankful for.
I'm gonna let it out.

It may start out a little too quiet.
It might be a little off tune.
The timing might be a little slow.

But you'll find me singin', baby.
Singing with all my heart.

Rollin' in NE


  1. Neat blog! I hope I can visit NE someday. My ancestors hail from there.

  2. So special to read your post tonight. I feel like I have been so out of touch lately. Thanks for the "thankful" reminder. HUGS!

  3. dear Rollin' thru the days...

    some days your the Rock
    some days your the Roll

    A song is good for the soul


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