Morning Coffee Date

Dear Friends,
It is early morning.

Okay, it's 8:30.
But that's early on a Saturday.

I'm with two of my favorite guys.

How could he not be in my top three?

They're taking me to breakfast.
A wise decision.
Mama needs her breakfast.

We stop here.
It's my favorite.
More points for my menfolk.

I love this place.

The rocking chairs make me happy.

And the candy is so much more appealing in big anchor-hocking jars.

Just like the root beer tastes better from the bottle.

I inhale the scents and enjoy walking slowly around to see everything.
My escorts wait patiently.

They tolerate my cooing over darling embroidery and frilly tom-foolery.

Then we eat.
I enjoy every bite.

But the meal would not be complete without a few rounds of The Game.

Mr. Loggerhead and I challenge each other.
He only beats me by a smidge.
He's being nice.
I know he can do better.

My board almost always looks like this when I am done.
It loudly proclaims me to be an "Eg-no-ra-moose."

I may be that.
But I have really good taste in men.

Lucky Lady in NE


  1. Yay for Cracker barrel--one of my favorites!
    Yay for all the darling clothes there that I drool over too--
    Yay for guys that take their wives out--
    Yay for time together
    Yay for sweet babies that grow way too fast.....
    and yay for sweet nieces that blog about the every day wonders of life.
    ♥♥ from Finland!

  2. One of my very favorite places. You captured the essence of it... I can taste the grits!

  3. dear Still dating after all this time,
    Good for you for getting a Saturday morning date!
    Yes, you DO have good taste in men. You get that from me! If you bring your "3 men and a little lady" over next Saturday morning i would cook breakfast for you ALL.

    Saturday mornings

    I am still dating that great guy that is your dad, but we actually haven't been OUT on a date in a long time.

  4. Hmmm, you need your breakfast and your cooing over darling embroidery and frilly tom-foolery? Just curious ;)

    LOVE the pictures and the cracker barrel is one of our favorite places when we head south. We don't have one here in our town.

    Have a super week!


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