Little Boys

Dear Friends,
Nothing prepared me for mothering boys. No parenting book I read. No grandmotherly advice passed on to me. No exclusive gems of wisdom gleaned from marrying a man with four (4) brothers and no (0) sisters.

I knew nothing of these smiles...

The ones that come right before they turn their back on you and go adventuring.

Who could describe the jump in a mother's heart when she sees the climbing, the jumping and the thumping that comes in the male package? 

I didn't know he'd be so sweet, so apt to get dirty, so eager to blithely take Life by the tail and stuff it in his mouth.

No words for the determination and strength in a son.

For the beauty of his precious soul...

For the heart in a boy.

And then we have THIS factor.


Would I have believed them if they had told me?

I adore my boys...

But I'm so glad I have HER.

Marveling Mother in NE


  1. dear Nothing prepares you for BOYS,

    My dear Mothering daughter, now i understand and appreciate what your two beloved aunties tried to tell me so long ago..."Little girls are wonderful, but you NEEEED a BOY!" I just didn't GET IT until i got one. (then GOT two MORE)
    Now....Lucky me, to get a grandDAUGHTER AND grandSONS puts me "over~the~top" with blessings and excitement and appreciation.

    So glad I got BOTH (for obvious reasons)

  2. Yes I would agree, boys are pretty special. And at such a young age (3mon or younger) they are boys - wanting trucks, being super adventurous, etc - you know the story. :)

  3. They are a perfect mix, are they not? Lovin' 2 of a pair in my little home.

  4. There is such a migic with little boys that you just can't imagine if you don't have one. I'm SO glad I've got my boy (and my girl too!).

  5. Hi Prairie Hen! I am MamaHen from AL. I saw your comment on BooMama and had to come over. I have three sons (and one daughter) and love it! Boys are pretty special.

    I enjoyed looking around your blog!

  6. Completely agree with you! I love my boys and my 'digger and dumpers' life full of dirt and mud. :)

  7. Dear Marveling Mother;
    I had to laugh at your mama's comment, remembering well what we told her & she didn't "get it"!
    And just to let you know, You'll be marveling for many years yet...
    There's just something special about those grown up boys too!!
    AND, the funny part is, as much as I wanted my daughters to have daughters, I could hardly wait to have grandsons!!

  8. Boys are pretty amazing all right!! I thought I wanted ALL boys, I thought they'd be easier to raise, but, they're not. Kids will keep you busy no matter what, but that gun photo....

    What IS it about boys??

    Love, the gramma watching her 19 mo old grandson banging away last night.


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