Coop 'N Yard: Mug Shots (Giveaway)

Dear Readers,

I am giving away something today.



Because I threw my back out yesterday
 - it was all that 'living in the moment' stuff that did it, I'm sure.

Because I'm missing a wedding I wanted to attend this evening. 
I didn't feel much like partying in my crippled state.

Because I had twins when no one was looking.

And because these Longaberger mugs are too beautiful not to share.

So enter my random drawing for two (2) Longaberger Woven Traditions Latte Mugs in Tomato by leaving me a message about the moments you are living in.
Contest closes Monday at Noon, Central time.

No More Bending in NE

P.S. Can you spy me in this post?


  1. hi ramie! love your posts, love your mugs :) and yes, spotted you:D p.s. i think the twins are cute. and the moments i am living in are super quiet and thoughtful, and full of not talking, because im usually giving someone a massage, which leaves lots of good time to think about the mysteries of the world :)

  2. I can see you, in fact there are at least 4 of you! I am living in busy moments. Chasing after a 15 month old who thinks pulling the entire plant up is helping pick my snow peas. I'm sure you can sympathize, but at the same time say try it with 3 :) I too am having painful pain in my lower back - need to give in and go the the chiro.

  3. My precious moments are taking care of my grandchildren every day. Ages 10, 8, 3 and 1. At 58 years old, I could use those mugs for a coffee break!

  4. Nice post! I see you! Will I really see you on Wednesday?? In Lincoln??

  5. Must be the time for mothers with aching backs!

    Sore back and all I am living in the moment, just watching the storm clouds miss us yet again, but enjoying the lightening from a far. With 3 active kids all needing something from me, with #4 showing it's many kicks and tricks in my belly, adding heartburn to the back pain. Thankful for the smell of a clean house which I was finally able to accomplish today.

    Love the mugs!!!

  6. ps yes I can see you....so much for twins.... you quadrupled!

  7. The twins are absolutely adorable!!
    My moments this week are in quietness--serenity. A couple dates with my husband, no planning ahead required. SpontaneousMoments to do as I choose. Late nights, late mornings, laundry caught up, rooms tore apart, cleaned & organized.
    Super mom? Nope, My kids are gone on vacations, leaving me the best of vacations!
    Breath deep! :)
    And although I spy you x4 too, and I dearly love the mugs, I have my fair share, so leave mine out :)

  8. Love your blog! And love those mugs! I am living in busy moments as well....trying to potty train a stubborn little girl. Two steps forward, one step back. But at least we're making progress. Also trying to get myself geared up to homeschool my oldest this fall.....I'm excited and scared at the same time.

  9. The moment we are living in is weaning our soon to be 5 yr old off his seizure meds and seeing a wonderful new little personality appear. :)

  10. love those mugs.. is it possible to win 2 of your giveaways? I'm hoping so!!
    I'm living in a moment thats crazy, busy yet the most wonderful time of my life.. you know.. every day life with 4 kids, homeschooling and living in 2 states :)

  11. Dear Mug Moments,

    My moments these days are spent mostly outside in the yard and in the flowerbeds. Just where I love to be, and the weather has been accomodating. Too bad we can't eat flowers!

    Someone is about to get mugged.

  12. Heh! My moments are currently getting ready for bed..but tomorrow I am going to entertain a 3 year old! Otherwise they are spent blogging and reading!!

  13. my moments are lazy summer day moments to get done all of the things i want/need to do. i am balancing "want" (reading novels, going to the pool, having company, phone time, long coffee chats with friends) with "need" (organizing closets, going through kids' clothes, cleaning, housework) these last three weeks before i go back to school.


  14. I may be too late for the contest, which is a good thing since I can't remember where my moments are.

    Lynette is a big fan of your blog these days, but I can't get her to comment yet. She LOVES that twin photo and thinks you ought to be able to win a contest with it.



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