Coop 'N Yard: One Word

Dear Friends,
Here's a message for the girls,


(get ya' some)

I'll Never Be The Same in NE


  1. That's hilarious. I thought maybe you were going to post "before/after" pictures.....

    I need a full body one--(down to the ankles) Unfortunately I'm thinking it would be a bit hot & uncomfortable.
    Why does weight loss have to be so painful? I wanted to be #10 less before our trip!!

  2. Lol! That's what happens when there's too many birthdays to get sad enough about that we eat cookies.

  3. LOL!!! Do they have that plastic-like gripper stuff on the waist band & legs? I can't stand that stuff (same reason I can't stand strapless bras!) so I'd love to find something without! SO much easier than getting in shape!

  4. dear Always the same INSIDE,

    I don't resist fudge,
    So the scale does not budge.
    I feel like a pudge,
    When on walks I do trudge.

    Vowing cookies no more,
    I went off to the store.
    Found Spanx near the door,
    With choices galore.

    Suckin'it in now
    (with a little help)

  5. Dear Lovely Ladies,
    @ Auntie M - VERY comfortable, not hot -- wore them even on the hottest day of Antioch comfortably. Pricey but worth it!

    @ Nish - No sticky junk in the style I bought -- Made to stay put. But always buy a size DOWN from your normal size (ie, I'm a medium SPANX-ster), only in SPANX brand... heard otherwise about other brands.

    @ Mom, THAT IS SOOOOO funny, I may have to feature that poem at some point! LOVE IT! :)

  6. P.S. @ Auntie M... NOBODY needs to see THAT!!! ;)

  7. hahaha... actually there are mixed reviews on these. :) i've heard some funny stories about people's experiences with spanx.

  8. I, too, like all the chocolate cake, so who knows what it will eventually take, for me to lose the 10 pounds plus, that seem to stick to the back of the bus.

    I know for sure it's not going to be, a stretchy garment that no one will see. I already find life much too hot, to add any more to what I am not!


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