That Homeschool Chick: Magical Learning

Dear Friends,

Let's face it, all the magic happens at the library. Well at least if you are a homeschooler and don't want to spend your entire month's food money on books, books, books.

I add creative, helpful librarians to my 'life's greatest blessings' list almost every morning. They add me to the 'pay your fines or else' list. Those clever book-shelvers and I are close like that.

If only I could figure a way to channel their librarian-ish organization to get all my laundry done.
Hmmm... I'll work on that. Do you think it would help if I wore horn-rimmed spectacles? Probably not. Okay, I'll go back to my old method of bribing the six year old to fold the towels. I pay her with trips to the library.

As part of the summer reading program, we were invited to a comedy magic show. This Adam White guy was quite the character.

He kept the kids bouncing back and forth between sitting on the edge of their seats to catch his snazzy tricks and rolling on the floor in giggle-fits over his silly antics.

The four year old was astonished and captivated by the act and I've rarely seen him so attentive.

Which is to say, he sat still for the first five whole minutes. Hey, that's doing pretty good for him.
He kept asking, "How'd he do dat?" and answering his own question, with a shrug and raised eyebrows.

I love how easy it is to get a kid to believe in magic. I want to preserve that in them for as long as possible; feed their imaginations with great stories. Maybe this will help them to love books and learning as I do. After all, reading is a type of magic... it can take you anywhere.

Even to a magic show where you can pet the magician's rabbit.

And if you look closely I think you can almost convince yourself you see a sparkle around him that must be his magic shining through.

Reading Makes it Happen in Nebraska


  1. I love reading... and I LOVE magic shows! We took the kids to one awhile back... they still talk about it and wonder how he did those things! (so do I!)

  2. Would G'ma Ruth be so happy with all the Book lover/readers in her family!
    I love the picture of his "shrug"!

  3. Kid's love books, and should learn to love the library. We spent most of our life in ours until Lorene was about 12.

  4. dear Library Love,

    Nothing beats~the~heat and Summer~fidgets like the library.
    And the SRP is always a hit.

    Our old home~town~library is our 2nd home

  5. Raimie...
    I love magic shows! (O and not to mention - I LOVE YOUR BLOG too!)HeeHee!
    We are going to a magic show tonight at our library! I'm so excited! Jax and I are signed up for the summer reading program. I better go now.
    Love from your lil sis,
    Katie M.


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